Where to play Bitcoin dice?

One should gamble within limits. Unfortunately, nobody told this simple truth to Henry VIII, King of England. He was likely too excited when gambling; otherwise, it is hard to explain how he contrived to lose bells of St Paul’s Cathedral at dice.

Such legends make you enjoy cryptocurrency casinos as they allow you playing dice with satoshi, which are the smallest BTC units. The wolves are sated, and the sheep are intact: this kind of gambling will hardly hit you in your wallet.

Bitcoin dice is a very simple game of chance. Basically, the rules come to two things:

  1. You choose the amount of your bet
  2. You place a bet between 1 and 100, trying to guess whether the subsequent number would be higher or lower

Experienced gamblers appreciate Bitcoin dice for typical cryptocurrency advantages, such as:

  • Anonymous gambling
  • Cheap and fast transactions
  • Provably fair games

Can’t wait to play? We know that feeling, too. Below you will find a few cool online casinos where you can play Bitcoin dice.

Tried-and-true websites with Bitcoin dice games

House edge: 1%
Provably Fair: Yes
100+ satoshi for free every 3 minutes
Max winnings from single bet - 60 BTC
House edge: 1.0%
Provably Fair: Yes
Max winnings from single bet - 10 BTC
House edge: 0.8%
Provably Fair: Yes
Max winnings from single bet - 6 BTC

We will hardly overstate if saying that PrimeDice is the leader among similar websites. From the very beginning, each player gets 100 satoshi for free (0,00000100 BTC) ― the first impression of the process is available without any deposits. If the balance reaches zero, a user can save up some money with help of integrated Bitcoin faucet.

PrimeDice is notable for its simplified registration process: the only thing required is typing a name. That’s all, one can play dice for bitcoins. A password and email address are discretionary.

There is a chat available in the left part of the website so that gamblers could entertain themselves. The online user counter shows impressive numbers: it rarely goes lower than two thousand people online. Reading the chat, you will often see congratulations on successful bets and predictions on 2018 Bitcoin price.

offers similar conditions to gamblers. The authentication is automatic: if you want to enter your anonymous account again, it only requires using a unique link, which can be found in «ACCOUNT» tab. Also, you can set up things like password, 2-factor authentication, and other amenities.

House edge is 0,5%. Another half of percent goes for a progressive jackpot. As the result, base payout adds up to 99%.

SatoshiDice has enabled the principle of provably fair gambling. Players can make sure that each result is fair.

If comparing PrimeDice to a clamorous brick-and-mortar casino, where there’s no room to drop a chip, this web resource is more similar to a comfy basement with a few gamblers sitting at the table. People who prefer quiet simplicity and do not like chatrooms will like this website a lot.

It is likely that Crypto-Games will do for people who tend to choose the golden mean. This casino is not as noisy as PrimeDice, yet it is not silent as the dead (which SatoshiDice often is). The website has a chat; there are usually about a few hundred people online. In case you want to invite your friends, there is also a referral system.

In the end: if you are thinking about how you can earn bitcoins with help of websites like PrimeDice, SatioshiDice, or Crypto-Games, we recommend you forgetting the whole thing. Such gambling should be a pure entertainment, not a way of earning money.

So, we wish you the maximum fan when gambling!

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