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At CoinGambling, we are committed to transparency, and we want to provide you with information about our affiliate partnerships. Our website partners with many gambling brands, which means that some of the links you’ll come across here are affiliate links. We believe that this compensation disclosure is crucial to maintaining our readers’ trust and ensuring an honest relationship with you.

How affiliate partnership works

When you click on our links and register or take other actions, we may earn click-through commissions from partners. The companies track that you were referred by our website and will compensate us accordingly.

By participating in these compensation programs, we cover the costs required for the continuous running of our website. However, we must state that this does not affect our reviews or opinions in any way. We carefully select the crypto gambling websites and platforms we recommend to ensure they align with our responsible gaming ethics.

How does it benefit you

As a user of our platform, our product recommendations benefit you in several ways. All the casinos or sites that we feature here have been thoroughly reviewed and evaluated. We recommend only those that meet your gambling needs and provide you with a safe environment.

What’s more, through our regularly updated content, you can always receive information about exclusive deals and bonuses. We save you the time and effort of searching for the best crypto-gambling sites and the best promotions.

Our user support through these links allows us to maintain our website as an ad-free space. Furthermore, the compensation we receive continually helps us to provide you with more valuable content and improve user experience. We will remain focused on delivering unbiased and helpful gambling information, and your support empowers us to uphold this commitment.

We would also like to mention that our commissions come at no additional cost to you when you take action through our links. Our partners fully take care of the compensation. You should also be aware that we do not ask or keep your personal information on this website.

Your support matters

In conclusion, we thank you for choosing to be part of the CoinGambling community. Your support will continue to play an important role in keeping us running. We will remain dedicated to providing you with excellent reviews and personalized promotions to enhance your gambling experience.

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