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Wise people say that truth is born of arguments. As a result of an argument among Bitcoin developers, a new cryptocurrency was born, called Bitcoin Cash. It is notable that it did not cement the cleavage; in fact, it was quite the contrary as the flames of ideological and technical dissensions enveloped the minds of digital currency supporters with renewed vigor.

Some called the original Bitcoin slow and somewhat out of date, while others criticized Bitcoin Cash for its supposed rough code and pseudo-decentralization. However, squabbles sank into the background during the last months of 2017, as all the attention was caught by cryptocurrencies soaring to new all-time heights. Bitcoin’s price was increasing at a rapid pace, while Bitcoin Cash was keeping in step with it.

Of course, the debate is still ongoing, and representatives of each party crack caustic jokes about the opponent’s shortcomings every now and then. Nonetheless, the important thing is that BCH is not known just as a retarded younger brother; instead, the summer BTC fork has found its feet in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and it seems that it is not going to lose ground.

Many people think that these two cryptocurrencies can coexist and serve different purposes. Would that be so? Only time will tell. As for now, let’s appraise BCH from a crypto-gambler’s perspective.

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In mid-November 2017, it became obvious that BCH was not just another fork, being sooner a cryptocurrency to reckon with. A significant price surge led to the point where Bitcoin Cash finally got due regard. Many of those who had shown dismissive attitude towards the BTC clone in August hurried to read articles on how to get one’s share of Bitcoin Cash.

Of course, the price of the cryptocurrency did not start to increase with a wave of the wand. The idea about the forking of the original Bitcoin blockchain emerged due to some serious problems of the network. Some of the pillars that propped up people’s faith in Bitcoin started to crack: transaction fees were not so low anymore, while transfers could take a lot of time.

Bitcoin Cash was an alternative to SegWit2x and other solutions for this problem. Its supporters advocated the preservation of the traditional structure of blocks and their eightfold increase: 8 MB instead of 1 MB.

In late December, published a comparison of BTC and BCH in terms of transactions’ cost and processing speed. Data spoke in favor of Bitcoin Cash, although there was noted that its network was dealing with a much lesser amount of transfers. The average processing time of Bitcoin varied from 34 to 1188 minutes, while the average of Bitcoin Cash was from 8 to 19 minutes. Average transaction costs were quite telling, too: from $34 to $41 (BTC) and from $0,027 to $0,11 (BCH).

Apart from that, the system of Bcash has an algorithm that adjusts mining difficulty according to the number of transactions. As a result, it ensures the protection from fluctuating hash rate and ability of potential migration of miners from Bitcoin Core to Bitcoin Cash.

So, Bitcoin’s fork offers the following benefits in gambling at the moment:
1. Fast and cheap money transfers
2. Anonymity on the same level as BTC
3. BCH price increase prospects

Speaking about the adoption of Bitcoin Cash among online casinos, it is even more popular than some more early cryptos with a well-established reputation. You can see a mini-review of these gambling websites below.


Many gambling resources have appreciated the merits of Bitcoin Cash in gambling and added its support. Here you can see a list of websites that allow you to play dice, slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, and other games with BCH.

If you are new to gambling, we recommend you to pay attention to Betcoin, Fortune Jack, and mBit Casino. These websites already have a nice reputation and a quite big user base. With their help, it would be a lot easier to enter the world of virtual gambling machines and cryptocurrency bonuses. offers its players 100%, 50%, and 25% for the first, the second, and the third consecutive deposits. Apart from traditional games, this resource makes it possible to bet on sports and e-sports. This option is available in standard and real-time modes. There is a separate section for live games, such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and lottery.

The mBit Casino also allows betting on sports and pass the time while playing card games, slots, and other apps. There are a few tournaments, one of which is Bitcoin Cash Slots Race. The rules are simple: a player needs to gamble with Bitcoin Cash, earn points, and move up in the ranking towards the prizes: cryptocoins and free spins. This BCH-casino functions on the SoftSwiss platform.

FortuneJack is notable for easy navigation and a wide range of Bitcoin Cash games. A variety of colorful apps can turn one’s head, so be careful! You might even want to play dice with a progressive jackpot (more than 11.1 BTC), as the website has only one game of this sort.

If you do consider yourself to be an experienced gambler, you can give each listed website a try. A wider choice of casino games and promotions will help you choose the best Bitcoin Cash casino.


Bitcoin Cash stands out against the background of other new cryptocoins in terms of faucets. There are quite a lot of them. Here are only some of the popular websites where you can get BCH for free:


With their help, you can obtain some cryptocurrency for “test” bets in online gambling houses.


It is possible that you have already got Bitcoin Cash, but have no clue about that.

It is easy to find out: if you had at least some bitcoins on your wallet account on the August 1, 2017, the system would set the same amount of BCH (in the 1:1 ratio). Some wallets, such as Blockchain, allow you to keep both cryptocurrencies, allowing users to manage the corresponding accounts.

In case you have none of it, you can buy Bitcoin Cash on some crypto-exchange. You may pick one of the 42 firms that are listed on the official website of the coin. There is also a list of wallets that support BCH.

Once you have your own BCH account, you will be able to send funds to the corresponding address of a crypto casino and start gambling with this digital currency.

Good luck!