bitcoin gambling

You have probably heard that fascinating story about a guy that spent 10 thousand bitcoins on two pizzas in 2010 ― back then, it was $25. As of today, this amount of BTC allows you to buy a delightful island near Florida; the remaining sum would be enough to build a few elite restaurants. All we have to do is hope that the pizza was really delicious.

The history of the Bitcoin network appears to be almost 10 years of highs and lows against the background of constantly growing public interest. However, the pain of downfalls was often soothed by breathtaking jumps ― no wonder that the cryptocurrency started to draw the attention of people with a passionate attraction to everything venturesome and promising profit. The emergence of bitcoin gambling seemed to be just a matter of time.

It is very difficult to count up the exact number of virtual casinos that function in the global network at the moment. It would be enough to know that many of these portals make it possible to satisfy the craving for gambling with help of bitcoin wallet.

It is notable that you can make use of that wallet not only for traditional online casino games like blackjack, poker, roulette, and dice. To the appeasement of gambling entertainment opponents, there are alternative ways for bitcoin gambling with no deposit. Below you can read the details about these free methods of satoshi earning.

In the meanwhile, we can proceed to the main advantages of the first cryptocurrency in human history.

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The use of cryptocurrency for online gambling offers a lot of obvious and significant advantages, which soon enough make you put thoughts about gambling with fiat money to the back burner.

- Anonymity – the system only checks for your payability, not identity. The privacy of personal information is very important for gambling lovers. Using the cryptocurrency, you can be confident about your personal data security.
- Higher chance of winning – as a rule, bitcoin casinos offer comparably high payback percentages thanks to the reduction of payment processing costs.
- Fast transfers – it is required much less time to confirm a bitcoin transaction as opposed to fiat money deposits and withdrawals.
- Saving money – miner’s fee would seem trifling if compared to typical fees for financial transfers that we are used to.
- Independence – your geolocation no longer matters when you gamble with bitcoins.

Comparing to other ‘coins’, Bitcoin offers more opportunities due to its wider adoption. The range of bitcoin games is significantly wider, too, as well as the number of online casinos accepting this cryptocurrency. Today, some of these portals even provide you with live dealer BTC gambling ― it would be very hard to imagine that only a few years ago.

Besides, there are some cryptocurrency casinos working by ‘provably fair’ principle; they use the technology of cryptographic hashing. This technology allows the player to make sure that game algorithms function properly and without a house edge.

Not that long ago, the word ‘cryptocurrency’ caused puzzled looks; now, the decentralized money can make life better in many of its spheres. Gambling is not an exception; try it once, and you will hardly want to gamble with anything but bitcoins.


While some think of bitcoin investments as some kind of lottery due to its comparably high volatility, others are frantic in their search of the best ways to get that precious crypto resource. Let’s put mining and top GPUs reviews aside ― there are more entertaining ways to obtain cherished satoshi or BTC.

Some people are sure of their belief that gambling is a wonderful opportunity to earn cryptocurrency. Perhaps, it is so for some poker master, but it is more like an exception to the rule. It is quite hard to imagine the nonlosing strategy for bitcoin roulette. Still, it does not override a chance to catch the Fortune’s smile and snatch a large sum in some bitcoin casino, playing dice. But keep the old truth in mind: gambling should be a way to entertain, not to earn money.

Apart from that, there are websites with bitcoin games where you can earn satoshi with no deposit required. They are similar to so-called ‘faucets’: a user gets some cryptocurrency for the time spent on websites and ads viewed.

The games are very different: for instance, ShipBattles allows you to get satoshi for each sunken ship, while AsicBit is a simulator for… bitcoin mining. The developers know for sure how to lure a well-versed gamer.

Playing these games, you are able to earn BTC gradually with no expensive equipment required. Given that the whole process is entertainment by itself, this pastime will not bore you for a long time.

Have a great game and large gains!