Best Sites with No Wagering Casino Bonuses 2024

Crypto casinos have long caught up with traditional gambling websites in practically everything that is related to bonuses and special offers. In fact, the growth of cryptocurrency prices has increased even run-of-the-mill crypto bonus offers that could have stayed the same for years. Additionally, increased revenue has allowed gambling sites to allocate even more money for all sorts of promo campaigns and deals.

But regular players are not bursting with joy. Most crypto gambling websites still have wagering requirements that are too high, and it is quite hard to find a decent wager-free bitcoin casino. After all, such bonuses are made with the intent to lure players with the promise of big money, and not just to give out free cash. That way, a promise of several bitcoins for your deposit often comes with an unfulfillable wagering requirement.

no wager casino bonuses

You probably already know that a wagering requirement is a multiple of the bonus amount you need to wager in order to turn your bonus money into cash that can actually be withdrawn. Wagering requirements always have certain multipliers — for instance, 50x. In this particular case, you would need to wager an amount that is at least 50 times higher than the amount of your bonus money before you can do something with the latter. So if you want to withdraw a 0.1 BTC bonus, you will first need to wager no less than 5 BTC.

There is a huge demand for bonus money with no wagering requirements among bitcoin casino players. Some gambling sites decided to seize the moment and get some competitive advantage. As the result, crypto casinos with no wagering requirements do exist, and we will provide you with a brief overview of them. Also, we will try to figure out what types of wager-free bonuses can be found in online casinos.

Best bitcoin casinos with no wagering requirements

We decided to include in our wager free crypto casino ranking those gambling sites that are offering at least one type of wager-free bonuses. Of course, the mere presence of such special deals is not the only factor we took into consideration when selecting the best bitcoin casinos with no wagering requirements bonuses.

Each site in ranking is a licensed gambling software operator. It should guarantee the safety of personal data and funds of users, at least within the legislative framework of the country where the license was given. Besides, it screens out dummy one-day casinos that were created with unclear and sometimes dubious goals.

The second important factor is the competence and responsiveness of the customer support team. It is this team that should sort out difficult situations in the most mutually beneficial way possible. Common issues include troubles with deposits, unclear gaming rules, or repeated questions about wager-free casino bonuses. Players should get help with all their inquiries.

Besides, there are many important things that may be of different importance for each particular player. It could be the size and variety of game collection, frequency of promotions and tournaments, presence of certain cryptocurrency payment options, or maybe games from some not too popular provider. Here, everyone should make their own choice. But in what regard to more general aspects, the websites from our top 8 best no wagering bitcoin casinos meet the criteria like nothing better.


8.7 /10

Cloudbet is one of the most popular crypto sportsbooks where you can bet on your favorite team whenever you wish. This crypto betting website also sports a nice crypto casino with Provably Fair games which can put to shame many similar sites.

One of the most important advantages of online casino Cloudbet is that each of its games shows the RTP value. It is a percentage of the winnings that players get to keep while the rest goes to the casino. It makes it easy to see that, for instance, Blackjack Neo Relax Gaming returns 99.6% while Sisters of Oz by Triple Edge Studios has this value at 92%.

Crypto sportsbook Cloudbet also attracts new users with a wager-free welcome bonus that makes it possible to get up to 5 BTC. According to the bonus terms and conditions, there are no wagering requirements for this type of bonus. The amount of bonus money will equal to 100% of the first deposit amount. Players will be getting this money in installments as they make bets on the website. They will also be able to withdraw this bonus money whenever they want without any wagering requirements.

The rank-based loyalty program stands out from other promotions. Each of the six ranks involves certain bonuses and privileges for the users. The loyalty program rewards are separate for the online casino and sportsbook sections.

From time to time, Cloudbet users are treated with even more deposit bonuses, free spins, and cash prizes available in a certain game. Bitcoin sports betting are treated with nice deals like zero margin odds and so on.

New casinos with no wagering bonuses

Recently opened bitcoin casinos are probably the best places to look for no wagering bonuses. Such deals are often considered a good way to get out from under the shadow of bigger and more popular casinos which do not have to attract users with promotions without any wagering requirements.

Sometimes new crypto casinos offer bonuses with no wagering requirements for a limited time. It allows them to get some initial influx of users, and then they change the terms and conditions for such promos. But there are also gambling websites that offer cryptocurrency bonuses with no wagering requirements on an ongoing basis. In that case, such a casino is a real find for every bonus hunter.

There is another thing to remember about new casinos. There could be even more lucrative offers other than bonuses without any wagering requirements that are available to players. Users can turn it to their profit if they pay attention to the bonus terms and conditions.

Best wager free bonuses in bitcoin casinos

Nice bonus offers always make it possible to increase your winnings in crypto casinos. This mindset makes gambling much more fun in and of itself. While regular bonuses are often regarded with skepticism, wager-free crypto bonuses allow you to get even more fun out of crypto casino gaming.

Having no wagering requirement does not really change the type of a bonus. It is more of an attribute that each special offer with the promise of bonus money can have.

People are mostly looking for the information about the following wager free bonuses:

  • Deposit bonuses
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Bonus free spins
  • Cryptocurrency giveaways
  • Bonus cashback
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Referral rewards

Ideally, such promotions make it possible for players to get 100% of their bonus money and withdraw them with no hassle. Sometimes casinos set additional terms and conditions for these bonuses, and they could be insignificant. However, unrealistic terms and conditions are also a thing. That is why it is recommended to pay attention to the terms and conditions for each particular wager free bonus in a crypto casino.

Deposit bonuses without any wagering requirements

Casinos offer deposit bonuses as a reward for topping up the balance with money in order to incentivize players to make that first or subsequent deposit. They are often part of a welcome package when a user gets bonus money for the first deposit (or more) on a certain crypto casino website.

Lately, such bonuses have been slowly changing their one-time status to a regular one. For instance, a casino can offer a welcome bonus for the first three deposits, and then several reload bonuses for good measure. More often than not, reload bonuses are available on a continuous basis, providing an extra 25% or 50% from the deposit amount on certain days of the week or weekends.

High wagering requirements create a situation where only the most active players can get some profit out of deposit bonuses. If the wagering requirement is 50x, you would need to wager at least $500 if you want to turn your bonus $10 to cash. Only then, this $10 bonus will be available for withdrawals.

Unfortunately, it is quite common that casinos set additional limitations on time or maximum bet amount apart from the wagering requirement itself. That way, any bonus money will simply expire given that the wagering amount is too big and there is too little time. That is why deposit bonuses with no wagering requirements are in high demand among players and are a rare bird indeed.

No deposit bonuses with no wagering requirements

Unlike the previous type, these bonuses do not require depositing money. They are given for a certain action a user is expected to do, like creating an account, verifying it, participating in a promo, or something similar.

A no deposit bonus can be either a certain sum of money or a chance to make another spin or bet for free. Such bonuses are mostly small incentives and are not big — a typical no deposit bonus is about $10. If we are talking about free spins, their number would likely range from 20 to 50.

This type of bonuses is great for learning to play casino games using real money on some crypto gambling sites. A player does not risk losing their money with such a bonus while the casino gets a would-be new user that has already tried out gambling with crypto.

Despite its name, a no deposit bonus is hardly ever available for withdrawal if you have not actually made a deposit in the casino. Any bonus or free spin winnings will stay on your bonus balance until you fulfill the wagering requirement.

Even if a casino offers a no deposit bonus, you are still likely to encounter extra terms and conditions you will have to meet before any winnings go to your real money balance. Otherwise, there would be a great number of users getting money from a wager free no deposit bonus and quitting the casino.

No wagering free spins

Free spins simply allow you to make a certain number of spins in slots for free. You usually do not need to have real money on your casino balance to use them. As the result, they make it possible to win something without losing anything, which looks quite attractive for inexperienced players. Of course, you will not be able to grab your winnings and withdraw them right away.

It is likely that free spins are the most popular type of crypto casino bonuses. They often come as a part of a welcome package given for registration on a website, along with deposit bonuses. You can also get free spins by ranking high in tournaments, participating in social media promotions, getting them as a gift, or in some special deal.

Just like with deposit bonuses, free spins are covered with additional terms and conditions almost every time. The money you win by using free spins will be available for withdrawals only after you meet certain requirements. You should know these requirements in order to realize how realistic it is to play through the bonus money.

It is a different story when you manage to find a crypto casino with wager-free free spins. In that case, even if the free spins have some other terms and conditions, a player will at least be free of wagering an amount that is several dozen times higher than their actual winnings from using free spins.

Crypto giveaways

This type of crypto casino bonus is likely the favorite one among regular players. A typical cryptocurrency giveaway requires minimum effort and does not require any deposits. A user just needs to participate and, with a bit of luck, they will win a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

Such giveaways mostly occur as part of social media promotions. For instance, anyone who subscribes to the official Twitter account of a cryptocurrency casino could automatically take part in a giveaway. Later on, some online randomizer service would determine the winner. Or, there could be 50 giveaway winners provided that they all complete a certain task faster than the rest of the participants.

Another type of crypto giveaway is often found in online casino chat rooms. There are special bots that detect active chat users and randomly send a small amount of cryptocurrency to their accounts. Such giveaways encourage active discussions and attract new users. The amounts of cryptocurrency could be very small but it still does the trick.

In rare cases, online gambling sites have their own cryptocurrency faucets. Using such a faucet, players can get cryptocurrency for free, even if it comes in limited amounts. These faucets are usually created in order to make users visit a casino and make real-money bets more often. Sometimes they are only available to VIP members though.

Depending on the promotion, free cryptocurrency can go either directly to one’s personal crypto wallet or to an online casino balance. In the latter case, you should probably look through the bonus terms and conditions or ask the customer support team if there are any wagering requirements.

Wager free cashback

Crypto casino gambling inevitably involves losses as well as wins. That is why casinos came up with a way to return a percentage of losses back to players at some point, thus making these losses less painful. As you can imagine, players did not mind that at all.

Most often, a cashback bonus is provided at the end of some time period rather than after each particular bet. For instance, a casino can calculate cashback based on a player’s daily, weekly, or even monthly losses. Cashback percentage could be different but is usually around 5-15%. It often has a condition limiting the maximum amount of the cashback bonus, for example, $500.

As a rule, players that are more loyal receive higher cashback percentages as this type of bonus often comes as part of a loyalty program or VIP club rewards. In a multi-level loyalty program, a player could be getting a 1% cash back bonus on the first level and, say, a 30% bonus on the highest level.

It is not customary to set wagering requirements on the money you get as a cashback bonus. However, sometimes it is a thing, frowned upon in the gaming community. As the result, such pitfalls could make players look for crypto gambling sites that offer cashback bonuses with no wagering requirements elsewhere.

Loyalty rewards with no wagering

In some casinos, loyalty programs promise players, not only deposit bonuses and bonus point multipliers but also real cash prizes. Such prizes could be given on each new rank or once per a number of ranks, depending on the program. As opposed to bonus money, such incentives are often called ‘cash prizes’, meaning that they go to your cash balance.

Cash rewards themselves are a rather nice bonus even for high rollers that are used to spending and winning huge amounts. Even if we are talking about smaller bonuses like $50 or $100, these rewards are still noticed and appreciated as well as the casino’s approach towards their loyal players. Of course, VIP club members get much more significant cash prizes.

Again, such loyalty rewards rarely have any wagering requirements. Sometimes cash prizes are available only in the highest ranks implying that the player has already spent a lot of money in the casino. In that case, a wagering requirement could even be regarded as an insult. That is why loyalty programs cash prizes (not to mention VIP club rewards) go directly to user balances without any wagering requirements almost every time.

Referral bonuses with no wagering requirements

The main goal of ‘refer a friend’ bonuses is to increase the number of active users as soon as possible, so you will find them in new cryptocurrency casinos more often than not. Such bonuses make it possible to get a small reward (usually cash) for every new user that comes to the casino site using the referral link of another user.

Here is how referral programs typically work:

  1. A casino automatically creates a referral link for each user
  2. A user of this casino sends the link to other people, e.g. friends
  3. Each friend that creates an account using that link becomes a referral of the initial user
  4. The user gets bonuses for each new referral

It should be mentioned that casinos rarely give cash bonuses for referral registration alone. Such a program would be blatantly vulnerable to abuse and throwaway account registration. That is why you will more likely be able to get cash prizes for the referrals that, say, have deposited at least $50 in the casino, or something similar.

Such bonuses may be progressive, too. In that case, a player will get bonuses each time the amount of the referral’s deposits reach a certain number. Or, for example, the bonus amount could be in direct proportion to the total amount of the referral’s deposits, like 1% of each of their deposits.

Referral bonuses are another type of crypto casino bonuses that mostly do not have any wagering requirements.

Frequently asked questions about wager-free crypto bonuses

Why do wagering requirements for bonus money even exist?

Casinos cannot just hand out free cryptocurrency for everyone. The registration and even deposits do not guarantee that a user would not abuse the promotion and take advantage of it through dishonest means. If there is a wagering requirement, you will be able to withdraw your bonus money only after you wager the amount that is several times higher than the bonus — and usually, it is several dozen times higher. That way, crypto casinos minimize the risks that come with such promotions.

Can I immediately withdraw the money I get from a wager free bonus?

It depends on the bonus. For example, there are cash bonuses with no wagering requirements, which are available on higher ranks of loyalty programs or as a VIP club reward. In that case, a user will probably be able to request a withdrawal as soon as they get such a bonus.

If we are talking about deposit bonuses or other similar promos that are available to the general public, you will not be able to withdraw the bonus money as soon as you get it. In most cases, casinos cover their bases and add some extra terms and conditions to replace a wagering requirement.

Is there a reason to look for wager free bonuses?

In general, rather yes than no. If you are going to use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in gambling, wager free crypto bonuses theoretically allow you to win more. Each bonus offer has its terms and conditions so you should read them thoroughly in any case.

Can I make money on crypto bonuses with no wagering requirements?

Such bonuses might have a temporary positive impact on your crypto casino balance but you will not be able to earn money that way on a regular basis. Online gambling sites are paying close attention to it, preventing players from using promotions and various loopholes with aim to cheat the house. Every set of casino rules states that the administration has the right to ban a user forever and nullify their winnings if there is reasonable suspicion. Besides, you should remember that gambling is a way to pass the time, not earn money.

Where I can find crypto casinos with no wagering requirements?

You can find the list of casinos with wager-free bonuses above on this very page.

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