What You Should Know About High Roller Crypto Casinos

highroller crypto casinos

Look at the current cash flow in BTC casinos. Their main pages are teeming with big wins: you can see tens and thousands of bitcoins there. People have been winning — and keep on winning — hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars (or their equivalents) in crypto casinos. It can only mean that high-stakes gambling has gone beyond traditional casinos for quite some time.

If you are curious, here are some recent big wins on top crypto gambling sites:

  • €2 million (BitStarz)
  • 25.7 BTC (mBit Casino)
  • 5.95 BTC (Winz.io)
  • 9.6 BTC (BetChain)
  • $91,000 (BitcoinCasino.io)

These are but some examples of late. Licensed cryptocurrency casinos have a big money turnover, which looks quite appealing for high rollers, i.e. those who are more than used to high limit bets.

True, high stakes gaming is no longer uncommon in bitcoin casinos. The fact that these websites allow anonymous high stakes gambling is too good to simply ignore or dismiss. But is not even the only reason why highrollers flock to them. Crypto casinos with high limits for betting are actively trying to attract and keep the attention of online gambling whales. All sorts of incentives come into play.

We have prepared a comprehensive crypto casino guide for high rollers in 2024. You will learn how to choose the most suitable casino for high-stakes gambling, how to find the best VIP program, which cryptocurrency is great for high roller players, and many other things.

Top best bitcoin casinos for high rollers in 2024

Let’s start with the list of top high roller gambling sites so that you get the general idea about high-end bitcoin casinos. Later in the text, you will find some advice on how to choose the best crypto casino with high limits for betting. It will help you understand what things you may want to focus on.


9.7 /10

BC.Game takes pride in providing numerous bonuses that cater to gamers with different bankrolls. It has an extensive VIP program which features about 100 levels. The VIP levels are categorized under Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum 1 , and Platinum 2. After that, there are also special levels “SVIP” 1 to 55. These ones are categorized under Diamond 1, 2, and 3.

The higher your bet amounts, the faster you can climb the ladder. This makes it easy for high rollers to reap the generous benefits. Players from VIP levels 2 to 21 are under the Bronze and Silver categories. Their major benefits are level up bonuses, raining rewards (for players active in the general chats), and coin drops.

Levels 22 to 37 are under the gold category and they earn monthly and weekly cashbacks, sports weekly bonuses, reloads, and benefits of the lower levels. From VIP level 38 above, users earn all benefits of the lower levels and get a VIP host plus free withdrawals. Those in the SVIP levels enjoy all of the listed benefits plus exclusive perks and luxury giveaway.


8.7 /10

Cloudbet sportsbook is notable for its wide range of sports and e-sports, impeccable customer service, and fast withdrawal processing. It stores user deposits on cold-storage wallets, which makes it much more reliable and secure.

Cloudbet VIP members can contact their personal managers any time they want. They get extra privileges and exclusive gifts. What exactly this sportsbook’s high roller bonuses remain a mystery.

Betting in the sportsbook and casino sections brings loyalty points. The higher the odds of the bet, the more points you get. In casino games, their number depends on the return-to-player percentage (RTP). For this reason, you will earn more points in slots than, say, in blackjack.

mBit Casino

8.1 /10

mBit Casino has an original VIP program for high rollers. This program features ten regular loyalty levels. Players can get a cashback bonus up to 15%, free spins, and a weekly reload bonus.

This cryptocurrency casino also provides VIP manager services and exclusive gifts.

High rollers are going to find a lot of deposit bonuses in mBit Casino. The welcome package can bring you up to 4 BTC. Besides, there are reload bonuses on Mondays and Fridays, not to mention frequent promotions giving bonus money or free spins on a specific casino game. Daily 15% cashback bonus is quite neat, too.

Welcome Bonus Package 325% up to 4 BTC + 325 free spins

How to choose the best crypto casino for high rollers

Our selection of top best bitcoin casinos with high limits for betting will save you time. But how to find the most suitable crypto casino with high-limit games? Making a checklist with points that are crucial for a gambling site is one way to do that.

Availability of crypto casino in your country

It is really simple. If your attempt to enter a VIP resource ends up with a notification that it is blocked for visitors from your country, you can start looking for some other website right away. Are there any ways to bypass the restrictions? Yes, for sure. But in that case, you will likely have issues when trying to withdraw your winnings. This option is probably viable for those who like to play for high stakes using free virtual currency. But playing for real money requires you to look for other options.

Bitcoin casinos with high limits do not always fully block access to their websites for players from restricted countries. Sometimes they make it possible for them to play casino games in demo mode. Still, players will not be able to create an account or make a deposit and play for real money.

On the other hand, if you have free access to a high roller crypto casino in 2024 and manage to sign up successfully, this is no longer a concern. Most likely, you will be able to play for high stakes on such a website without much trouble.

One thing you should probably check is the accessibility of particular providers. Some providers of high-limit games may be banned in a range of countries, while others will be okay in their book. It is not the majority of casino games that matter for high rollers. They need specifically the games where they can make large bets in Bitcoin.

Reliability of cryptocurrency casino

Online casino is a place that stores funds and personal information of its users. In case of high roller players, the amounts of money would likely be very high. So, it is tremendously important to make sure that you can trust a website with high limits for VIP betting.

Of course, it would hardly ever have anything to do with the resources from our top best high roller bitcoin casinos. Each of them has already built its image and accumulated thousands of reviews from real users. But even in that case, it is reasonable to compare websites and find out which one is your favorite.

If you happen to deal with less-known casinos, you should probably try to find as much information about it as you can. Helpful resources include independent informational websites, forums, crypto gambling communities, and good old Google search. Sometimes you may stumble on false reviews from dishonest competitors, but critical attitude will help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

Extra protection options are a good sign. They may include linking the account to a mobile device, login confirmation via email, and things like that. Reliable servers and connections are no less important, but this is where all you can do is mostly take it on trust.

The fact of having a license is another quite significant argument towards the reliability of a bitcoin gambling website. It implies that the company is responsible to the regulatory body of the country that has given it its gambling license. Such high roller crypto casino is obliged to comply strictly with the requirements regarding user data and personal information protection. Legal liability is no joke.

Taking into account the importance of having a license, still, it is not the closing argument. Unfortunately, honest attitude and just treatment with respect to users do not necessarily go the same way. It is especially noticeable when large amounts of money come into play; therefore, it is twice as important for high rollers. You should probably pay attention to other aspects as well, bitcoin casino’s reputation being one of them.

Absence of unresolved complaints

Ideally, there should be no complaints at all. Yet, it is the reality that sets the rules. Only a website with no users can claim that it has never had any user issues. Unexpected things are bound to happen. It could be a sudden server failure, misunderstanding, or human error. With that in mind, it is important to pay attention to the way in which a bitcoin casino with high limit games settles the disputes.

Popular websites with rankings and reviews often dedicate a separate page for each crypto casino. When you see a whole bunch of user complaints with no answers in such a casino profile, it is a bit off-putting. You can only guess if they are true or not, but the lack of response from the casino representatives gives more weight to such comments in and of itself.

The reverse is also true. When a high roller bitcoin gambling site allocates resources specifically to provide answers to such questions and settle any possible disputes, it is a big selling point. Complaints do not remain unresolved, users get proper attention, and the parties often come to mutually agreeable terms. And if there is a false review, a crypto casino rep would be able to defend the resource in the public eye.

That is why it is great when each problem is followed by a response or continued discussion with a casino representative. The lack of complaints is awesome, but it may be even cooler if you can work it out, settle issues, and further improve your online casino services.

Fast and convenient website

In the age of 5G and superfast Internet connection, it may be quite hard to explain why your BTC casino takes so long to load and feels somewhat clumsy. Sensible design has been seen as a self-evident feature for quite some time. As for long loading times, many people see them as a red flag that makes one leave the website and keep on searching for better-performing resources.

High rollers often have even higher expectations, compared to regular users. When you play high limit games using Bitcoin, you likely want to do it on a nice-looking website with quick navigation and fast casino apps. That is why proper optimization is twice as important for a crypto casino with high limits for betting.

Looking at a make-do casino website, such players will probably feel some cheapness and indifference towards users. In worst-case scenario, they will fail to figure out the interface and find the section they need. It will lead to a crushing disappointment and wish to leave the resource as soon as possible.

Best VIP gambling websites make website navigation exceptionally user-friendly so that anyone could find a game they want in no time. Sophisticated and clever design makes a fantastic impression. It is more fun to play games with high limits on such a resource, too.

Adequate mobile version

The ubiquity of smartphones has played a major role in the popularity of online gambling. After all, now you can play bitcoin casino games whenever you want, provided that there is an Internet connection. Be it a dentist’s waiting room, traffic jam, hotel room, or your own comfy couch, all these places would be good enough to spend some time playing high limit games.

But what if your favorite website does not work well on smartphones or tablets? Webpages are not fully loaded, you cannot write anything in the search bar, and you are also getting redirected to the main page each time you try to run a game. In that case, you can forget about access from every place. Standard version becomes your only option, and it will be a big drawback for many people.

It is a different story if a highroller crypto casino has a well-optimized mobile version. The one that is also well suited for high limit mobile gaming without losing a speck of its functionality. Such a casino will be accessible at almost any time and any place, considering the current broadband and mobile coverage.

That is why best bitcoin casinos for high rollers in 2024 should work on iOS and Android flawlessly. It is very convenient for users and quite profitable for the companies themselves. If they have a decent mobile version of the website, VIP players will spend more time on high limit gaming.

VIP manager availability

It is just great when you can contact a casino representative and ask for help at any time you want. Thankfully, the majority of modern crypto casinos have their customer support accessible via a chat box. But it is even better when a resource provides a personal manager who ensures your convenience when playing high limit casino games.

Top crypto casinos for high rollers always offer VIP manager services for users who play for high stakes. Such a player can contact their personal manager via phone, email, or chat box as soon as they have a question or need help. If you want to learn more about bonuses and promotions, or have some issues with high limit games, or simply cannot find your favorite slots, it is no big deal. You can contact your personal manager at any time you want, and they will help you out.

Some high roller bitcoin casinos allow VIP players to choose a personal manager among several people. It makes sense, considering cultural and language differences of users. Besides, managers can specialize in different casino games, not to mention their charisma and experience in dealing with VIP club members.

Special high roller bonuses

The VIP player status implies special treatment on the part of a high roller casino. Unique offers constitute one of the aspects where it is especially evident. That said, it is important to distinguish between a slapdash loyalty program and great customized offers that are found in best bitcoin casinos for high rollers in 2024.

Exclusive bonuses for high rollers are only limited by a casino’s generosity. They can be special deals like:

  • Wager-free cash prizes
  • Weekly or monthly cashback
  • Free spins with increased max bets
  • Deposit bonuses
  • VIP tournaments and lotteries
  • Top-of-the-line tech
  • Tickets to soccer games and other sports
  • Traveling with other VIP club members
  • Paid weekend in one of the world’s entertainment centers

A few years ago, mBit Casino surprised the crypto community with its tournament named The Ledger Race. The competition was held for two weeks, and its leaders got some rather amusing bonuses. Everyone who wagered at least 2 BTC during the race would get a hardware wallet Ledger Nano to store crypto safely.

This practice has become common for the best high roller crypto casinos. They try to make frequent gifts for those who play for high stakes. Sometimes these gifts are much cooler than a BTC wallet. For instance, the biggest whales may even get a luxury car from their casino.

Proper providers and casino games

Imagine that you have found a BTC casino with a terrific VIP program, crystal clear reputation, and really friendly staff. And here’s the kicker: this website has all game providers… except that single one whose games you actually want to play. It may be frustrating, but it is still better to notice it right from the start, not after your first 10 BTC deposit.

The same applies to specific games or categories. If blackjack is your thing, you should probably look for a website that has high limit bitcoin blackjack games. And if you can choose among several casino apps, it is awesome. The more high-limit games a bitcoin casino has, the better. If you get bored with one game, you would always be able to switch to another. It is true not only for table games, but for slots as well.

It would not hurt to flip through the terms and conditions section once or twice. Again, this comes down to the availability of specific titles and providers in the country you are playing from. Both particular products and entire game brands may be banned. For instance, NetEnt games are unavailable for almost half the countries in the world.

Best high roller crypto casinos offer rich and diverse game collections. They usually have casino apps from dozens of providers. For further convenience, they enable the search by provider to make it easier to find games of one or another brand.

High limit betting option

Casino games typically have betting limits that are acceptable for most players and the casino itself. These values vary from low to medium, and you can win a nice amount of money with them. Yet, traditional limits are often too low for those who are used to making large bets in cryptocurrency.

High rollers find it important that the minimum and maximum bet values match their high-stakes gaming style. High limits make bitcoin gambling much more intense and exciting while winnings become much bigger. Some people even go as far as to build their gaming strategy around that.

It also would not hurt to make sure that «high limits» match your own idea about high stakes gambling. For instance, some players will find a 2 BTC limit good enough, while others may wish for a 5 BTC one and higher. You can usually clarify this matter via customer support.

How to become a VIP casino player

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to becoming a VIP member at a cryptocurrency casino. One website may have a VIP program for that purpose, while others may have its staff instructed to contact high rollers who make large deposits and play high limit games.

Small and new bitcoin casinos often have fairly simple terms for the VIP membership. Such resources typically do not have that many players, so high rollers tend to become noticeable among the majority of players in a short time. VIP status may be granted for relatively small amounts like several €500 deposits. Sometimes you just need to contact a support representative to get the privileges.

Some larger crypto casinos for high rollers have invite-only VIP clubs. Exclusive offers are made only to those who are ready to play big. At times, you have to deposit or wager an equivalent of ten thousand euros or more before you finally get an invitation to the elite gambling club.

That said, many crypto gambling sites allow you to become a VIP player simply by climbing the loyalty program ladder. Making large bets in high-limit games, you will be earning special points and get new loyalty levels with all sorts of rewards.

VIP loyalty programs

VIP programs are set up to reward and distinguish high rollers and loyal players. They count bets that have been made with real money. When players wager their money in casino games, these bets bring them loyalty points according to a predetermined rate like 1 point for each €10. The purpose of such points may vary, but it always has to do with bonuses or prizes.

Sometimes a loyalty program may exist separately from the VIP club. In most cases, the only way to become a member of such club is to get an invitation from the crypto casino itself. VIP players receive all sorts of exclusive rewards and privileges, while regular users of the website may have a separate loyalty bonuses system intended for a broader public.

You will often see a combined VIP loyalty program in high roller crypto casinos. Such a program will be available for all registered users of the website by default. Sometimes it may even provide bonuses on the «zero» level: some free spins or a cashback bonus, for instance.

But real prizes await players on higher levels (or «statuses») of VIP programs. Best bitcoin casinos try to offer the most convenient high stakes gambling experience for high rollers. That is why VIP players get money prizes, high cashback, invitations to VIP tournaments, and other rewards of that kind.

VIP levels in bitcoin casinos

High roller programs may be very different, but, in most cases, they are set up following the same scheme. There are several prestige levels that are reached by accumulating loyalty points. They can have all sorts of names: for instance, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Adamantium, Kryptonite, and so on.

Each VIP level usually brings a player one or more bonuses. These could be free spins, deposit bonuses, no wager free spins, cashback bonuses, and various special deals. Higher levels may also grant access to exclusive options like VIP manager services.

Sometimes crypto casinos make the highest level(s) exclusive. In that case, simply accumulating loyalty points would not be enough for players. To reach such a level, one will have to be a real high roller that makes large deposits and plays for high stakes. Then, sooner or later, the casino will grant the VIP member status to that person.

Pros and cons of high roller casinos

There are several things that are common across online casinos for big-time players. They may differ depending on the website, but, in general, they do overlap and make up a fairly clear list of positives and negatives in regard to BTC casinos for high rollers.


  • Special treatment
    High stakes gambling on better terms is one of the most important benefits for high rollers. In online casinos, they often have to deal with withdrawal limits, commission fees, and other hassles. The VIP player status makes things easier and more convenient.

Speaking of withdrawals, they are limited more often than not. Let’s take a weekly limit of 1 BTC as an example. If you enjoy high stakes betting, your winnings may well be tens of bitcoins. With such a limit, you would be withdrawing your money for many weeks!

It is a whole new ball game if a crypto casino offers high roller players appropriate high roller withdrawal limits. It may be 10 BTC per week! In that case, the process of withdrawing money will be much faster. By the way, the same often applies to the deposits.

Besides that, the VIP club membership almost always implies a more considerate attitude on the part of the resource. Best high roller casinos accepting cryptocurrency have VIP managers. You will be able to contact such manager at any time you want.

  • Exclusive gifts
    Best high roller crypto casinos in 2024 routinely make gifts for their VIP players. These may include small yet delightful incentives or something truly epic.

On low and medium levels of VIP programs high rollers often get free spins, regular deposit bonuses, and some percentage of cashback. These incentives go in addition to standard bonuses. But there is a key distinction: VIP rewards usually have lower wagering requirements. They may even be wager-free.

Higher levels promise cooler gifts. Previous high roller bonuses do not go anywhere; they often get bigger instead. But there are also cash prizes, wrist watches, smartphones, laptops, and so on. Top high roller casinos may even offer some truly luxurious rewards.

  • Unique offers
    Special treatment can manifest itself in nice little things. For instance, some crypto gambling websites grant high rollers access to new games. There may be no official announcement, other players may not even know about them, but you will be full-on playing new casino games.

Best crypto casinos arrange impressive trips for their high rollers. It may be a trip to one of the world’s entertainment centers, like Las Vegas or Macau. Or, they may get tickets to a Champions League soccer game or Formula One Grand Prix.

In that case, such crypto casino VIP members should expect five-star hotels and restaurants where even Gordon Ramsay would dine eagerly. If gaming activities in a traditional casino are on the menu, players will likely get paid VIP packages as well.

Besides that, brands often invite their big players to special events. These could be conferences, presentations, celebrations, and so on. Sometimes casinos arrange events specifically for high rollers — VIP tournaments serve as a good example.

  • Vivid impressions
    Bitcoin casinos treat their VIP members in such a way as to make them want to play high limit games on their website again and again. All special deals for high rollers become part of unique experiences and nice memories. Players are going to remember not only big wins, but also nearly royal treatment. And should there be travels, amazing places and unforgettable events will stay in memory as well.


  • Low max bets, expiring bonuses
    Generous online casino bonuses usually hide maximum bet limitations. It may be insignificant for common players, but high rollers will be shocked when they realize how much time it would take to play through a bonus.

Many online casinos set the maximum possible bet for the welcome bonus money at €5 or an equivalent in other currency. The first deposit bonus is often capped at 1 BTC, so let’s use this value as an example — it is about €15,000 now.

With a benevolent wagering requirement of 30X, the playthrough amount should be about €450,000. Even if you select the max bet and activate the automatic spin feature, you would still have to make 90,000 spins. The losing round takes about 4 seconds.

Trying to play through bonus money under such circumstances, a high roller player will need to spend more than 100 hours. The automatic mode makes the game faster, but each winning round will be followed by visual effects, bonus features, re-spins, and so on. In fact, it will take much longer than 100 hours.

And here is the cherry on top: the bonus amount often expires in 7 days. Not much room for procrastination, it would seem.

Should we even mention that the automatic mode robs you of fun and immersion, making the game process extremely mechanical? Hardly a quality pastime that high rollers typically expect.

  • Limitations on deposits and withdrawals
    Some casinos set limits not only on withdrawals, but also on deposits. It creates inconveniences for high rollers that are going to make bets in high limit games. Let us explain why it is even a problem.

Payment options of popular casinos include the ones that have limits per a transaction. For instance, you will not be able to send more than €500 in one go via AstroPay. If a VIP player is going to play slot games with a €200 limit, or table games with a €1,000 limit, their deposit will be only enough for a few losing rounds. Such person would need either to spam their account with deposits beforehand or top up their balance over and over again after each streak of bad luck.

Another issue may be experienced with withdrawals. If a high roller wins some big money, they will find out that there is a withdrawal limit. It may be, let’s say, €4,000 per day. Having won €250,000, such player find out, much to their surprise, that it will take at least two months to withdraw that amount of money.

  • Commission fees on money transfers
    There are gambling sites that charge extra fees on money transfers. They justify it by pointing out to the risks of possible losses due to various incidents. Such fees may be a fixed sum (for instance, €2) or some percentage (usually 2-5%).

High rollers should pay attention to the commission fees in percentages. They may look small enough when you transfer a modest amount of money. But if you deposit 1 BTC, a 5% fee would mean that you lose 0.05 BTC, which is more than €750 at the current rate.

  • Unavailability of bonuses due to country-related restrictions
    Sometimes players cannot take advantage of high roller bonuses because visitors from their countries are restricted. High limit betting may be permitted while bonuses are not. You can check that out in the terms and conditions section.
  • Small choice of high limit games
    The game collection may include several types of high limit blackjack and roulette, and yet not have a single poker or craps game. What if you want to play all of these games, one by one? Unfortunately, wide assortment is a rarity when it comes to high stakes gaming.

Popular high limit games

High stakes games are not much different from their classic versions. They have much higher limits for betting, and a proper design, but other than that, they are still the same slots, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker we all know so well.

Top 10 slots for high rollers

Slot games developers are usually targeted at an average online casino player. But providers do release new high limit slots from time to time, much to the delight of high roller slot fans. Here are ten popular slots with increased maximum bets:

  • Motörhead (NetEnt) — €200
  • Valley of Gods (Yggdrasil) — €100
  • Moon Princess (Play’n GO) — €100
  • Raging Rex (Play’n GO) — €100
  • Jammin’ Jarz (Push Gaming) — €100
  • Book of Shadows (Nolimit City) — €100
  • Buffalo Hunter (Nolimit City) — €100
  • Atomic Age (Rival Gaming) — €75
  • Book of Dead (Play’n GO) — €50
  • Gonzo’s Quest (NetEnt) — €50

Best slots for high rollers should have not only high limits, but also a high RTP. It surely would not hurt to learn the RTP percentage. In Bitcasino and Cloudbet, this information is provided next to each game.

High limit table games

High rollers love table games because they allow them to show their high-stakes gaming skills. Besides, such games usually have higher RTPs. But their main advantage is that they have higher limits for betting.

blackjack icon

If you have enough skills, you can make some big money with high limit blackjack. At least, this was true for a team of MIT students. Having mastered their card-counting skills, they were able to win hundreds of thousands dollars, all thanks to some basic math.

roulette icon

A few years ago, media were taken by storm when Pedro Grendene Bartelle managed to win $3.5 million at roulette in an Uruguayan casino. High rollers like this game for its simplicity and style, so high limit roulette is pretty common in bitcoin casinos.

baccarat icon

Gaining his popularity as a professional poker player, Phil Ivey won $11 million in the game of Baccarat. Its rules are extremely simple, but the game has not lost its attractiveness and remains one of the most popular table games in crypto casinos for high rollers.

poker icon

High limit poker is a real test for your brain and composure. Large bets make this intense game even more exciting. The biggest win in poker history is credited to Antonio Esfandiari, who won more than $18 million after defeating Sam Trickett.

Best payment methods for high rollers

Crypto casinos offer a plethora of options to make a deposit. Many of them accept not only cryptocurrencies but also fiat money. It is important to choose an optimal payment method from the start and avoid extra conversions in the future.

Benefits of cryptocurrency

Limitations on deposits and withdrawals are an inconvenience for most high rollers. Such players tend to choose those payment systems that have higher limits per transaction. The bigger, the better — they would not have to make multiple deposits in order to have a desired amount for high limit gaming.

That is where cryptocurrencies come into play. Deposits in digital currencies are unlimited in many high roller crypto casinos! Let’s take Bao Casino, for instance. All deposit and withdrawal options have limits from €500 to €4,000. Deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrency, however, have no limits.

You can pay attention to commission fees, too. In the worst case (bank transfer), it will be as much as 10%. Financial intermediaries may also charge something. But cryptocurrencies are still free from extra charges.

Another good news for crypto gamblers is that a maximum bet with an active bonus in crypto may be much bigger than its fiat counterpart. For instance, BitStarz has set its maximum bets to €/$5 and 0.001 BTC (which is about €15 now).

Best cryptocurrencies for high stakes gambling

bitcoin logo

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that started it all. Everybody knows about Bitcoin. Even your grandma follows the price of BTC in the news. As it happens, Bitcoin is still on top among all the digital currencies that are accepted in the best crypto casinos for high rollers.
Top BTC casinos: BitCasino.io, BitStarz, FortuneJack

ethereum logo

Ethereum is known not only as a payment method but also as a crypto casino platform. If an online casino accepts deposits in more than one digital currency, ETH will definitely be among them. Ethereum is fast, reliable, and rather widespread as a payment option.
Top ETH casinos: FortuneJack, Cloudbet, BitcoinCasino.us

bitcoincash logo
Bitcoin Cash

Yes, it is the most famous hard fork of the original Bitcoin blockchain. BCash was intended to be an improved version of BTC with a «brighter future». Crypto casinos have appreciated the speed of transaction processing, so BCH is often found among payment options. Recommended by Roger Ver!
Top BCH casinos: Winz.io Casino, BitStarz, FortuneJack

litecoin logo

Are there any reasons to give preference to this cryptocurrency? Of course. Litecoin is basically like Bitcoin, but a bit faster and uses a more elegant encryption protocol. It does receive the attention of gambling sites, including best high roller casinos.
Top LTC casinos: BitStarz, BetChain, Bao Casino

tether logo

Tether is the best choice for people who want to preserve the value in cryptocurrency and not worry about sudden price drops. There is a reason why it is called a stablecoin, after all. Many high rollers will give USDT its due for its reliability.
Top USDT casinos: BitCasino.io, Cloudbet, mBitCasino

dogecoin logo

Why do people like Dogecoin so much? The cute doggie is to blame. Or, maybe, it is all about several commendable initiatives of its community. Elon Musk himself called Dogecoin his favorite crypto! Gamblers, in turn, pointed out that the tiny price of one DOGE allows everyone to feel themselves like high rollers.
Top DOGE casino: BitStarz, FortuneJack, mBit Casino

ripple logo

Easy exchange, very low transaction fees, and high speed more than make up for the lack of blockchain. Even some reputed world banks took an interest in the Ripple cryptocurrency. Several high roller bitcoin casinos have been using XRP as one of their payment methods for quite some time.
Top XRP casinos: BitCasino.io, BetFlip, Stake.com

tron logo

«Made in China» may not be a stigma. This is what some players should probably think after they try out the TRON crypto in best online casinos for high rollers. High speed and really low cost of money transfers still sound like solid advantages.
Top TRX casinos: BitCasino.io, FortuneJack, Fairspin.

High stakes gambling with fiat money

Visa and MasterCard are still popular options due to their global reach. They allow you to make big deposits and are considered very reliable. They do have commission fees and extra restrictions. In the case of VISA, there may be problems when withdrawing money, while MasterCard implies strict limitations on players from the USA.

Systems like Neteller and Skrill are regarded as decent options because of low fees and increased privacy. They are often found in high roller crypto casinos as alternative payment methods. The same can be said for PayPal, but this system is somewhat less common.

Prepaid cards like AstroPay or Paysafe are not well suited for high rollers because of their relatively low limits per transaction.


How to maintain the high roller status in a crypto casino?

It would usually be enough to play for high stakes and enter your account more or less regularly. However, the status may be reset much faster in certain VIP programs, so it would be best to learn more about terms and conditions in a particular casino.

Is cryptocurrency safe for high limit betting?

When transferred to your casino account, big deposits in cryptocurrency are just like an equivalent amount in fiat money. But it is important to enter the correct destination during the deposit, copying the exact wallet address that is provided by a high roller crypto casino.

Can high rollers choose their rewards?

Yes, sometimes high rollers can choose VIP rewards on their own. If you play for extremely high stakes, you may want to tell the manager that you would like a luxury car. Of course, you would need to meet certain conditions of the casino, like wagering at least €10 million first.

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