NFT Casino Gaming & Gambling Online: The Next Wave?

The concept of NFTs exploded in the last few years and it has made its way into the world of online gambling. Many online casinos and sportsbooks that operate on blockchain networks are integrating NFTs into their system. If you’re a fan of NFTs and online gambling, this might just be the opportunity to merge two things you love together.

More interesting is that the NFT casino and gambling world is a very exciting world. NFT casinos feature vast selections of games and betting options. They also feature lots of NFT casino and betting bonuses to spice up your gambling sessions.

Ready to learn more about the world of NFT gambling? Continue reading this guide to discover how to navigate this entertaining world where online gambling and NFTs meet.

What are NFT Casinos?

NFT casinos refer to iGaming sites that make use of NFTs in their operations. These may include accepting NFTs for deposits, using NFTs for loyalty programs, paying out prizes with NFTs, offering casino NFT projects, etc.

But what exactly are NFTs? Known in full as non-fungible tokens, NFTs are digital assets encrypted on blockchain networks with unique keys that separate them from each other. NFTs are non-fungible because they can’t be exchanged or substituted for each other. Each NFT is of a different value and is never identical to another in the same collection.

NFT gambling sites are mostly crypto casinos, which means they process payments and bets in cryptocurrencies. They’re basically crypto casinos that have gone further to include NFTs in their gambling projects and operations.

Benefits of Playing at the Best NFT Casinos

Here are some of the advantages you enjoy when you play at the best NFT gambling sites:

  • Safe & Secure Payments: Financial transactions at the NFT betting sites are carried out on the blockchain, so you have no reason to bother about the safety of funds. The best non-fungible token casinos also make use of additional security tools like SSL encryption to safeguard users’ data and the payment process.
  • Speedy Withdrawals: Since payments are on blockchain, there are no delays whatsoever. Whether you’re depositing or withdrawing, the process is completed in a few seconds. This means your winnings arrive in your crypto wallet within a few seconds.
  • Large Game Collections: NFT gambling is mostly offered by the best blockchain casinos. The platforms are loaded with thousands of games from the most reputable providers in the world. They make sure different categories of games are available, to cater to all kinds of players.
  • NFT Bonuses: One of the unique things you’ll get at these betting sites are NFT bonuses, which can’t be found anywhere else. These NFT gifts are mostly awarded as loyalty bonuses, but may also be given as prizes for special contests and promotions.
  • Global Availability: NFT iGaming websites are practically blockchain casinos, which are not limited by jurisdictional gambling laws. This means that players from various locations can access them. Some of these casinos also permit users to connect with a VPN, giving room for those in locations where gambling sites are blocked.
  • Anonymity: At many blockchain casinos that accept and give out NFTs, anonymous gambling is allowed. You don’t have to put down your real name or any other private information as there’ll be no need for verification after gambling.

Downsides of NFT Casinos

These betting platforms also have some drawbacks, which we have listed below

  • Limited Availability of NFT Casinos: There aren’t so many casinos that deal with non-fungible tokens at this moment. Hence, players who love to have accounts at various gambling platforms will not enjoy that luxury.
  • Limited Regulation: Due to their decentralized nature, it is difficult for local gambling authorities to regular NFT or blockchain casinos. At the moment, only a few popular regulators allow gambling with cryptos and NFTs.

How to Choose a Good NFT Casino

While the best NFT casinos and sports betting sites offer top-notch services, there are a few that are not up to standard. There are also unsafe sites that should be avoided totally. Below, we explain the factors you should consider in choosing a suitable casino with NFT gambling projects:

  • Security: First and foremost, you should check if a casino is safe and secure for gaming. Scrutinize what security systems are used on the site and check their privacy policy to know how your data is collected and used. The best betting sites employ SSL encryption to protect users’ private information and login data.
  • License: It’s also good to consider the license by which the casino operates. Gambling websites with licenses from top iGaming regulators are less likely to operate scams or be unsafe. Furthermore, you can easily contact the regulators for mediation if issues arise with their licensed casinos.
  • NFT Integration: Before choosing an NFT gambling site, it’s important to consider how they incorporate NFTs on their platform. For some you can wager with NFTs, some allow you to receive NFT prizes as winnings, and others may use NFTs for bonus purposes only. Knowing how they use NFTs on the platform will help you choose rightly and know how to get started.
  • Payment Methods: Naturally, all NFT casinos are blockchain casinos, which means their primary payment method is cryptocurrencies. However, you need to also verify the ease of payments, withdrawal review speed, transaction fees, and if they have additional payment methods.
  • Games Collection & Software: You should also take your time to go through the casino lobby and see the number and types of games available. Check if they offer the categories of games you like and if the titles are enough for you to enjoy many gambling sessions. Also, take a look at the software providers powering the lobby, as this determines the quality and fairness of games.
  • Bonuses & Promotions: You should also review the bonuses and promotions offered at each casino. See if they offer the types you like and if the offers are regular. Also, check the T&Cs of existing bonus offers to see how fair they are.
  • Customer Service: If you ever face difficulties while playing on the platform, you may require additional help to resolve it. Therefore, you must only go for casinos with efficient customer support departments. They must have 24/7 support channels like live chat, email, and telephone. It’s also a plus if they have a comprehensive FAQ page.
  • User Interface: You should test the user-friendliness of the casino website as well. Check how easy it is to navigate the different pages and perform simple tasks like depositing or withdrawing. Also, make sure it is easy to surf through the lobby and find specific game titles.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Don’t forget to test the mobile optimization of each platform, so that you can always play on the go. The site should adjust seamlessly on mobile browsers and the games must also work perfectly when playing with your smartphone.

How to Start Gambling with NFTs

Betting with non-fungible tokens can be somehow complicated since each piece of NFT is unique. Unlike how 1 BTC will always be 1 BTC and how 1 BTC can be converted to ETH, no two NFTs are the same. Therefore, you have to consider a few things in starting your NFT gambling journey. There’s nothing to worry about as we have explained the process thoroughly in the following subsections.

Choose a Suitable NFT Casino

As previously noted in this guide, blockchain casinos may use NFTs in different ways. You will have to find out if they allow you to bet with them or receive them as prizes only.

If you prefer to bet with them, you’ll most likely get your prizes in cryptocurrencies. Thus, you must sign up to the right platforms that allow you to purchase your NFTs for gambling. Or you can choose casinos that connect you to platforms that allow you to purchase NFTs.

Similarly, if you’re hoping to receive NFT prizes, your bets will most likely be received in cryptocurrencies. The NFT prize you receive will be equivalent to the value of your winnings. You must be equipped to receive NFT or choose a site that will allow you to easily exchange your NFT for the currency value.

Sign Up

After picking a suitable blockchain casino, visit the website and register. If you want to play anonymously, make sure you choose truly decentralized gambling sites or VPN casinos.


Once your account is set up, you can load funds into it. Some will allow you to deposit with an NFT, but you may likely have to fund your account with cryptocurrencies.

Play Games

You can start playing the various NFT gambling games when you have enough money in your account. If you win, proceed to withdraw your prizes.

Purchasing NFTs for Gambling

If you’re looking to purchase an NFT for gambling, here are steps to follow:

  1. Choose an NFT marketplace. The most popular marketplaces are OpenSea, Binance, Rarible, and Magic Eden.
  2. Register on your chosen marketplace
  3. Connect your crypto wallet to the marketplace
  4. Fund your crypto wallet
  5. Check the NFT listings on the marketplace. You can choose from the fixed price or auction listing.
  6. If you buy from the fixed price list, you get your NFT instantly. From the auction listing, it could take some days for the auction to close.

What Games Can You Play at NFT Casinos?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a slots lover, poker enthusiast, or lottery fan, you’ll find a game of your choice at the best NFT casinos. These platforms partner with top software providers in the industry to provide their users with many games. Some of them also create special games and opportunities where you can gamble with or win NFTs.

Here are the most popular games to expect at NFT gambling sites:

  • Online Slots: The best blockchain casinos offer thousands of slots with beautiful themes, game mechanisms, and interesting bonuses. In addition to the classic 3-reel and 3D 5-reel slots, you’ll find megaways, cluster pays, and large progressive jackpots. There are also thousands of slots that allow you to bet with BTC and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Table Games: Classic casino games like blackjack, poker, baccarat, and roulette are also available in abundance at NFT casinos. They come in different variants and are available for free play, just like slots.
  • Crash Games: Blockchain gambling sites are known for their large selections of crash games. They offer the most popular titles like Aviator, Space XY, Jet XY, and Penalty Shootout.
  • Instant Wins: Those who love instant gratifications can delight themselves in the various instant win games available. There are scratch cards, video bingo, keno, and Slingo.
  • Live Casinos: With live casino games, players enjoy an immersive experience with real human dealers managing the game sessions. All popular table games like blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, and sic bo are available in live formats. There are also game shows like Crazy Time and Deal or No Deal available.
  • Lotteries: Many blockchain casinos also offer traditional online lotteries. There lottery tickets are usually affordable for all kinds of players. They offer daily, weekly, and monthly lotteries with huge cash prizes.
  • Provably Fair Games: This refers to games built with blockchain technology that allow players to verify their outcomes. You won’t have to worry about fairness of game rounds as you can just check for yourself. Provably fair games can be crash games, video poker, slots, table games, bingo, or any other category.

Bonuses & Promotions at NFT Casinos

Blockchain casinos are usually loaded with bigger bonuses, so you shouldn’t expect less from those that operate with NFTs. Whether you’re a newbie with a low bankroll or an experienced player with huge funds for betting, you’ll find suitable bonuses. We’ve highlighted the popular kinds of bonuses below:

  • Welcome Match Bonus: A welcome match bonus is an offer given to new players who have yet to make deposits on the site. The casino awards a cash bonus which is a percentage of your first deposit. Most crypto casinos offer welcome packages, which include bonuses on more than one deposit. The cash bonuses usually come with added free spins.
  • No Deposit Bonus: The no deposit bonus is mostly given to new players but does not require them to make any payment. It can be given as free spins or free cash. You can use this bonus to play for real money and win prizes before using any of your funds.
  • Free Spins: A free spins bonus is a collection of free rounds on slot games. It could be 10, 20, 30, 50 free spins, or as determined by the casino. You can win real money with every spin you make.
  • Reload Match Bonus: The reload match bonus is for existing members of a casino that makes new deposits. A percentage of your deposit is credited to your account as a bonus. It may also come with free spins.
  • Cashback: The cashback bonus is a percentage refund of your net losses within a period. This gives you another opportunity to win with your previously lost funds.
  • Rakeback: Through rakebacks, many blockchain casinos find a way to return a percentage of each bet you make on their platform. It doesn’t matter if you lose or win the bet, you get a little percentage back.
  • Referral Bonus: The referral bonus is given to reward players for inviting others to join them at the casino. It may be given as free spins, free cash, or a deposit bonus.
  • Loyalty Bonuses: When you play regularly at a casino, you qualify for some rewards. Usually, crypto casinos rank players based on their lifetime wagering on the site. The higher you rank, the more benefits you get. Some blockchain casinos may also reward players of higher ranks with NFTs.
  • Tournaments: Slot races and tournaments at blockchain casinos are always interesting and competitive. If you end up as one of the winners, you may get prizes like NFTs, free spins, free cash, or loyalty points.

Making Payments at NFT Casinos & Betting Sites

Financial transactions at NFT iGaming websites are done primarily via the blockchain. The best platforms will ensure you have a wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens available for payments. The most popular cryptos you’ll find are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, Ripple, Binance Coin, USDCoin, and Solana.

When it comes to casino payment speed, cryptocurrencies are the best options. The best blockchain casinos ensure that deposits and withdrawals are completed within seconds, without additional charges. The only extra fees you will have to pay are those charged by blockchain networks.

Most NFT casinos pay prizes from special games or tournaments with NFTs. However, there might be a few that will allow you to fund your account or bet with NFTs.

In addition, you may also find NFT gambling sites that accept fiat currencies. Such platforms try to make their doors open to lovers of traditional gambling as well. However, once you use fiat currencies for payments, it’ll be difficult to remain anonymous or gamble without KYC verification.

Sports Betting at NFT Gambling Sites

Popular blockchain casino sites offer more than just gambling games. They allow you to enjoy various forms of betting, all in one place. Apart from casino gaming, sports betting is the most popular option at BTC casinos. The good news is that the best blockchain gambling sites excel in their sports betting offerings.

They offer various kinds of sports and cover both international and national leagues under them. They also offer both live and future betting. The most popular sports offered are football, basketball, cricket, baseball, badminton, volleyball, golf, MMA, boxing, hockey, and tennis. Esports are also offered at most crypto gambling sites.

Mobile NFT Casino and Sports Betting Apps

If you love to gamble on the go, you’re in for a ride at the best NFT casinos. These platforms are operated by reputable companies that understand the need for mobile gambling. They ensure their sites are designed to work on mobile devices of all kinds.

Whether you use an Android, iOS, or Windows mobile device, you won’t find it difficult to play at NFT gambling sites. The only requirements are a good mobile browser and a solid internet connection. With these, you can gamble anywhere and at any time.

Some casinos go further to offer downloadable mobile apps. These applications are usually made for both Android and iOS smartphones. They work just like mobile-friendly sites, giving you access to everything you need to enjoy betting.

Responsible Gambling at NFT Casinos

If you’re a big fan of NFTs, we understand how exciting the prospect of winning NFTs from gambling can be. Nevertheless, you have to be careful about how you gamble. You must ensure that you’re safe at all times and that your gambling passion is kept under control.

Firstly, set a gambling budget before you begin the journey. Ensure that you set aside only funds that you can afford to lose. After that, make a decision to never gamble beyond your budget, regardless of how tempting it can be.

Thankfully, many top casinos offer you tools to manage your gambling time and funds. There are features like deposit limits, wagering limits, session limits, cool-off, and self-exclusion. Always play at casinos that offer solid responsible gambling support to stay safe.

Concluding Thoughts on NFT Casinos & Gambling Sites

The world of NFTs is already fun on its own. When you add the excitement of gambling, it just becomes a unique entertaining experience. Being able to bet online and win NFTs which may be worth huge sums brings enough thrills to the hearts of gamblers.

What’s more, the best NFT casinos are loaded with a wide range of games, so you’ll certainly enjoy your gambling sessions. They also offer top-notch bonuses, which will help NFT gamblers enjoy extra sessions. The other promotions are also remarkable. You can win lots of NFTs for coming out top in tournaments and being a loyal member at the casino.

However, you must be careful in navigating through the world of NFT casinos and betting sites. Make sure you play at only casinos operated by reputable and trustworthy companies. You must also aim to keep your gambling activities under control at every point. We wish you the best of luck in your NFT gambling journey.


Is it safe to gamble with NFTs?

Generally, NFTs are safe. However, whether it’s safe to gamble with them will depend on the specific blockchain casino. You have to choose reputable platforms with valid licenses to stay safe.

How do I win real money from gambling with NFTs?

To win real money, you have to play real money games at casinos. Your prizes will most likely be paid in cryptocurrencies.

Is it legal to bet online with NFTs?

If both NFTs and online gambling are legal in your location, it may be okay to gamble with NFTs. Nevertheless, it’s wise to check your local laws before proceeding. Some countries or regions ban specific kinds of gambling and digital currencies.

Are there NFT casino bonuses?

Yes, you can receive NFTs as special bonuses at some casinos. NFT gambling sites also offer other forms of bonuses available at regular casinos.

Can I play games for free at NFT casinos?

Yes, many blockchain gambling sites allow you to try out games for free.

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