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CoinGambling makes use of cookies to continually improve user experience and provide better content. This Cookie Policy is an integral part of our Privacy Policy, and it has been written to explain the effects of cookies on your usage of our website and services.

On this page, we will provide details of what cookies are and why we use them on our website. You will also discover how you can manage your preferences and how it will affect your use of our website.

What are Cookies

Cookies, also called browser cookies, are small text files that websites store on your device whenever you visit. These text files contain information about the website and help identify you when you return. At CoinGambling, we use cookies as part of our tracking technologies to gather information about your preferences and interaction with our site.

Cookies may either be persistent or only for a session. A persistent cookie stays on your device after you exit the website and is used again whenever you return. It expires after a set period or can be removed manually. The cookie duration information is usually present in the text files.

Session cookies are those that only last for your time on the site. Once that session ends, the cookies are deleted forever. A session usually ends either when you leave the website or close the browser.

Why We Use Cookies

As mentioned, cookies help us to monitor how visitors use our website and interact with the content we provide. It collects data for analytics by measuring the website performance and tracking user behaviour. Ultimately, this helps us provide relevant content and improve existing one to align with your interests and needs.

Types of Cookies And How We Use Them at CoinGambling

In order for you to know how cookies affect you and how to set your privacy preferences, you need to know the types we use. Here are the different categories of cookies:

Functional Cookies

The functional cookies collect data about your browser, device, and the different settings you may apply on the website. Some of this data include your time zone, text size and font, language, the region you come from, username, etc. With this data, website can offer you enhanced and optimized services.

Performance Cookies

Also called analytical cookies, these data collection methods track how you use the website whenever you visit. These include data such as the pages visited and time spent on different pages. Performance cookies do not collect any personal information about you or your device.

At CoinGambling, we use performance cookies to understand how visitors use our website and identify whatever challenges they may have faced. It helps us to make decisions to improve different elements on our website and enhance user experience.

Advertising Cookies

These kinds of cookies are used to determine your interests by analyzing the pages you visited, games you’ve played, and your general behaviour on the website. The information collected will be used to deliver relevant promotional content to you. They are also used to track the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and limit the number of times you see a particular advertisement.

Third-Party Cookies

Our website may also use cookies from third parties, such as content partners, identify verification software, and analytical service providers. These third parties have access to specific data to carry out certain tasks for us and to deliver their services. These cookies may identify you when you visit other websites that use the same third-party services.

Examples of third parties with cookies on our website include Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Tag Manager, as well as social network plugins like Facebook, and Twitter. We have no control or authority over third-party cookie settings and they are not covered by CoinGambling’s privacy policy.

Nevertheless, our team reviews the privacy and cookie policies of all third-party services before partnering with them. We ensure that their user data protection policies align with our practices. CoinGambling will never intentionally include third parties that violate our users’ privacy.

How You Can Manage Your Cookie Preferences

Every user has the right to reject cookies from our website or revoke their cookie consent at any time. Generally, most browsers accept cookies automatically but also allow users to change their cookie management settings.

You can set your browser to notify you when a site is trying to place or update a cookie on your device. While some cookies may have little to no impact on your experience, blocking all of them will prevent you from accessing important features and content on our website.

Cookie policy might get updated or changed

We have the right to amend or change our website Cookie Policy at any time. Whenever there’s an update or change, we will notify you by posting a new policy and keeping the date of the last revision available. If you continue to use CoinGambling after any such updates, you acknowledge that you consent to the changes.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or like to make a comment about this policy, feel free to reach us via email at

Updated on 24.08.2023

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