Bitcoin Casino Games Are Picking Up Steam in 2024!

When traditional media started paying attention to the phenomenon of cryptocurrency, gambling websites of all sorts had already been thinking on how to better utilize its advantages. Many of the online crypto casinos that once ventured to build their businesses around Bitcoin (or just added several coins as additional payment options) are operating successfully to this day.

Of course, the value of Bitcoin was a significant factor in the increasing interest in virtual currencies. But even if you abstract away from charts showing BTC’s price, it is still very easy to explain the gambling industry’s willingness to adopt Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Advantages of Bitcoin casino games

The unprecedented demand for cryptocoins, particularly Bitcoin, was mainly sparked by the technical features of this innovative ecosystem. Financially savvy people paid special attention to several key aspects of digital currencies:

  1. Payment processing speed
  2. Cheap money transfers
  3. Ability to send very small fractions of 1 BTC
  4. Privacy and security of transactions
  5. Relative independence from the State

It just so happens that each of these aspects is of great importance when it comes to online gambling. Therefore, as soon as first casinos with Bitcoin gambling apps popped up on the Internet, the rest began to comprehend the indisputable benefits of cryptocurrency for casino games businesses.

Certain technical specifics of the transaction processing in Bitcoin network make money transfers very fast. The movement of funds from one wallet to another happens in an instant. All you need to do is wait until the transaction is finally confirmed by miners. With the exception of periods when the network is extremely loaded, this process takes about as many as 10 minutes.

Speaking of miners, it is also much cheaper to transfer funds with help of Bitcoin. With each transaction, users can determine the amount of miner’s fees by themselves. It is peanuts if compared to possible costs of commission fees charged by banks, payment systems, and all manner of intermediaries whose services you use when transferring traditional fiat currencies. It is in this light that cryptocurrency seems a really advantageous solution.

It may be a double benefit for an average online casino user. First, he is able to save money on deposits and withdrawals. Second, gambling websites are losing less money on commission fees, which paves the way for more generous bonuses.

Probably, the most obvious advantage of Bitcoin games is the increased privacy of gamblers. The Bitcoin network does not store any personal data about cryptocurrency owners. These data are not sent with wallet addresses or public keys. Numerous Bitcoin casinos do not even request any special personal information from their users. And when they do, it is being done for legal purposes only.

Here are several Bitcoin websites that do not require personal data during the registration:

130% up to 1.5 BTC + 350 free spins (bonus code COINGBONUS)

Not everyone wants to parade their interest in casino games. Bitcoin makes money transfers much more private and, in some cases, completely anonymous.

Another feature of Bitcoin gambling is the ability to gamble with very small amounts. One ‘unit’ of BTC is divided into a hundred million satoshi. Some casinos accept really small bets. Again, it almost never happens with fiat money.

This should be interesting for gamblers who are not risking gambling with Bitcoin for high stakes. In this case, prudence may still allow you to be excited for winnings, even if the amounts are small. All the more so since you never know with cryptocurrency and what this or that amount is going to be worth tomorrow.

Sometimes cryptocurrencies help to get past the restrictions related to a physical location. Governments have no control over what gamblers do with their bitcoins. This way, it is possible to gamble with Bitcoin from nearly every corner of the world, granted that you have access to the Internet.

One more advantage concerns not so much the cryptocurrency itself as the casinos accepting Bitcoin. The thing is, you can often find so-called provably fair games on these websites. Perhaps, you have already seen these words — ‘Provably Fair’ — In the names of webpages on some resources.

This concept means that anyone can try and check how fair the outcomes of a certain game are. This ability to see with your own eyes how exactly the result was generated builds confidence in the resource better than thousands of reviews.

Do you know what else is notable about Bitcoin casino games? There are some great bonuses for their users!

Bitcoin game bonuses

You would hardly surprise a gambler with casino bonuses. And yet, cryptocurrency websites manage to do that from time to time. We are talking about deposit bonuses first and foremost, as large deposits are often followed by large bonus money.

100% deposit bonus allowing to get up to 1 BTC can probably be called an industry standard for any more or less big Bitcoin casino. Some platforms take the matter further and offer 3, 5, or even 7 BTC. And it is just bonuses for first deposits!

Gamblers are also going to find tons of free spins, various no deposit bonuses, promo codes, quests, and tournaments. Bigger Bitcoin casinos host large-scale contests with huge prize pools from time to time. While crypto enthusiasts would at best laugh at this a few years ago, today you can win a trip to Las Vegas by playing casino games on a cryptocurrency website.

As you enter the first casino with Bitcoin games you see, crypto gambling promos and bonuses will be staring you in the face. In general, it is another reason why people are interested in cryptocurrency casino games.

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Collections of slot games in cryptocurrency casinos often grow to incredible sizes. While some websites have hundreds of one-armed bandits, others smash all records by offering their users thousands of unique apps.

Bitcoin slot games are not limited to one and have the same user interface as ordinary reels. Quite the contrary, each app is designed to be as captivating as possible. You can even have the feeling that various slots are trying to outshine each other in their looks.

Obviously, casino games developers have a stake in appealing to as wide an audience as possible. The astounding diversity of Bitcoin games is one way to achieve this goal. Here are several themes that are popular in slots:

  • Treasures and jewels
  • Classic fruits & cards
  • Movie, game, and book characters
  • Historical events and persons
  • Sports and sportsmen
  • Myths and legends
  • Pop culture

Bitcoin slots developers occasionally depart from typical themes and create products with original characters. Some games even have something of a plot in the form of cutscenes and bonus rounds.

Almost all Bitcoin casinos present slots from well-known providers. It means that gamblers can rest assured about the security of the apps. After all, such gaming products have to undergo tests by independent organizations before they reach the market.

The return-to-player percentage is mostly in the range of 95-99%. Some resources with cryptocurrency slots make this rate as transparent as they can, placing the information popup next to the title of the game.

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Table games

Even though slots take up a lion’s share of Bitcoin games, gambling soft developers still do not forget about other essential attributes of traditional casinos. Without table games, the resources would look really dull and unoriginal, not to mention that not all people enjoy slots.

The following table games are found in crypto casinos most frequently:

  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Dice

As a rule, these games imitate real tables. It means that a gambler will see a familiar layout, green cloth, cards, dice, or wheels with balls, depending on the game. Apart from that, numerous cryptocurrency casinos have live casino versions of Bitcoin table games, but more on that later.

In most cases, players will see at least several types of one game. Add to that the fact that the games may be from different providers, and you will get a decent selection of BTC table games.

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Veteran gamblers know how good the roulette wheel is at putting people in a trance. Possible outcomes are racing through your mind along with the ball bouncing around the wheel. Red or black? 26 or 0? Perhaps, it is one of the reasons why some players stay at the table much longer than they should have.

The advent of cryptocurrencies in online casinos made this game more charming. Now that the chips on the table represent BTC bets, the game of roulette leaves an even greater impression. Realistic tables and sound effects make players keep their eyes on the screens.

Crypto casinos offer various types of Bitcoin roulette for gamblers. You will more likely than not find the familiar trio of ‘national’ versions of the game: European, French, and American roulette. Besides, there are variations with different types of bets, additional options, and even multiple wheels.

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Blackjack seems to be a fairly straightforward game with simple rules. Nonetheless, experienced gamblers will probably laugh at this. They know how many pitfalls and possible strategies are concealed in this game. And if you play blackjack with bitcoins, it becomes even more interesting.

As distinct from poker, this game does not require any special mental effort in order to play and win. But if you want to increase your chances of winning, the card counting skill will be just the ticket. You do not have to hold a degree in mathematics, but getting on friendly terms with it is advisable.

Bitcoin blackjack becomes a favorite game for many gamblers because of its surface simplicity and hidden appeal. The ability to gamble with cryptocurrency has made the virtual version of the game a worthy competitor to raucous gatherings in the brightly-lit halls of traditional gambling houses. Veteran players can confirm that BTC blackjack can sometimes evoke no less emotions than its real-world counterpart.

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Dice is probably the simplest Bitcoin game, but it does not make it any worse than other gambling entertainments. Instead, dice has gained a respectable following among crypto gamblers. There are gambling websites that are entirely dedicated to this game.

You do not need any special strategies for Bitcoin dice while ‘top 5 secrets of rolling dice’ likely do not exist. Its appeal may lie in its minimalism. Low house edge may be another reason: its rate hardly ever goes higher than 1%.

On some websites, Bitcoin dice offer the option to make very small bets. A decent number of players will probably find it a plus as it is more entertaining to play dice with satoshi than with no interest.

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The poker table is a place where emotions run high. It all starts with that familiar anticipation, when no one has yet checked their cards. Of course, it is difficult to recreate this atmosphere of psychological battles in virtual games. But some apps are on track.

Here are some of the most popular versions of Bitcoin poker:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Caribbean Stud
  • Pai Gow
  • Triple Edge Poker
  • Oasis
  • Let It Ride

Cryptocurrency platforms allow things that are hardly possible at the real poker table. Users of gambling websites can play poker with bitcoins, and it makes the game something entirely new in terms of intensity.

This way, virtual poker loses in interaction with other players, but, on the other side, it provides the opportunity to get unique gaming experience thanks to cryptocurrency gambling.

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Other Bitcoin Games

Slots, roulette, and other traditional casino games are not the only things you can find in the lobbies of cryptocurrency casinos. Sometimes you stumble across more exotic Bitcoin games. They allow you to have a good time and divert yourself from tiresome reels, cards, and wheels. It could be such games as:

  • Baccarat
  • Scratch
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Keno
  • Heads & Tails
  • Bingo
  • Puzzles

The more Bitcoin games, the better. The regulars of crypto websites know how cool it is to try something captivating and unusual on the favorite resource. Who knows, a new app may even get into the personal list of favorite crypto games.

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Live Dealer Games

Virtual casinos should give some reward to the person that first came up with the idea of live casinos. This concept offers a compromise for those players who adore the alluring atmosphere of brick-and-mortar casinos while appreciating the convenience of Internet gambling.

Bitcoin games with real dealers spice up the usual pastime. It makes Bitcoin casinos hum with the influx of users who have paid tribute to the idea of video streams with real croupiers.

This type of Bitcoin games is notable for attracting people who have been previously skeptical about online gambling. Now, they are eagerly passing time playing live roulette, live poker, live blackjack, and other crypto games with live dealers.

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Crypto Games with jackpots

Jackpots look quite tempting in fiat money, but Bitcoin jackpots can really blow the minds of gambling buffs. Crypto websites are all out taking advantage of it and offering their users many Bitcoin games with jackpots from well-known providers.

Even if the chances of hitting a jackpot are small, that is not the point. The real thing is the pursuit of a large sum and the realization that each spin of the reel may bring a fabulous amount of money. Of course, the desire to win is still present, but only a few will actually make it while the thrill is available for everyone.

Cryptocurrencies make games with jackpots much more exciting. Gamblers anticipate the win and try to convert the amount of current jackpot in their minds according to the rate of Bitcoin. This way, Bitcoin games become extremely absorbing.

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Virtual Games

Websites with cryptocurrency games often offer their users to engage in what seems to be an imitation of sportsbook betting. There are special games that represent virtual sports. Sometimes they have a bunch of additional features like players’ condition, teamwork, and recent events.

The following games are the most frequent among virtual Bitcoin games:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Speedway
  • Horse races
  • Greyhound races
  • Auto racing

The graphics of these games are getting better and better with time. They will hardly ever be a competition for real sporting events, but it is a fun addition nonetheless. When there are no games of interest in the world of sports, you can always check what is going on in virtual leagues and back your prediction with some bitcoins.

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