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Limbo is a simple Provably Fair crypto game that any player can play and win big. In fact, Limbo is a simpler version of the famous game Crash (or Aviator). To play the Limbo game, you need to set a bet amount and then set a specific multiplier that you think will be reached in the next round. The main difference between Crash and Limbo games is that in the Crash games, you can withdraw your winnings at any time as the multiplier grows, which is not the case with Limbo games.

Best Crypto Casinos to Play Limbo Game in 2024

In this Limbo review, we will let you know about the best crypto casinos where you can play the game Limbo with real money. One thing that you should be aware of from the start is that all of the Limbo games are Provably Fair games (100% trustworthy and fair). The Limbo game can be played on several crypto casinos, and we will use this section to tell you which ones are the best when it comes to Limbo Gambling.


9.7 /10

BC.Game – The King casino for Provably Fair games. BC.Game is a fully licensed crypto casino with a superior collection of online casino games. You will have thousands of options to choose from, dozens of crypto payment methods, and you can even bet on sports! In addition, this casino has features like public chat, a forum, and a great VIP club. One of the most played Provably Fair games at this casino is Limbo!

N/A is one of the fastest-growing crypto casinos in the industry. This casino is all about transparency and fairness, and that is the reason why it is focused on Provably Fair games. At, you can also bet on sports, play slot games, dice games, and live casino games. In addition, you will be able to deposit with 16 different cryptocurrencies, and that is quite impressive.

Daily Races with $1,000 prizepool and 30% rakeback!

Other Crypto Casinos for Playing Limbo

The next name on the list should be CryptoPlay casino. We recommend this casino because it has rewarding promotions, awesome welcome offer bonuses, a weekly cashback, and even a refer-a-friend program. There, you can find daily races, weekly battles, and monthly battles. Speaking of the deposit options, as the name suggests, this is a crypto-focused casino that accepts 15 cryptocurrencies.

Provably Fair games - Dice Classic, Towers, Mines, Keno, Limbo!

What bonuses are available for Limbo players?

Usually, the casinos offer their standard welcome offer bonus for all newly registered players. However, in some of them, there might be restrictions on the games available for wagering purposes. Because of that, we recommend speaking with the live chat agents of the casino that you will choose and asking them whether it is okay to gamble on Limbo.

That is why we advise you to use the offered bonuses on games that contribute toward the wagering requirements (if there are any) and then use the profits to play Limbo games.

Most popular Limbo games

Since Limbo became a popular choice for gambling, it was expected that there were going to be developed different variations from the game. Some of the casinos that have the Limbo game have made one for themselves, but still, some game providers created Limbo variations that can be later adopted from any online crypto casino. Below, we will review the best Limbo games you can play now, so you won’t have to do the research for yourself!

Limbo Cat by OnlyPlay

Limbo Cat is one of the newest multiplier games with a better bonus game and a progressive Jackpot that was released in November 2020. The graphics and the gameplay of this game are different when compared to other Limbo Games. Here, the Limbo Cat is driving a tank as it progresses on its road. On the road, there will be boxes that can improve your multiplier or end the game.

limbo cat game screen

Your task is simple. You should decide the size of your bet and the target multiplier. Then, you can cash out at any time while the Limbo Cat is alive. However, if the Limbo cat land on a mine and the tank explodes, that is the end of the round, and all bets are lost.

The boxes on the ground are bonuses, and they have some multiplier attached to them. For example, if your multiplier was 10 at the time of revealing a bonus of 1.2x, your total multiplier will be 12 instead of 10.

Here, you can set an auto-bet and auto cash out. To do this, please click on the switches next to the “Auto” buttons. Then, you can set your preferred bet size and target multiplier, and once the Limbo Cat reaches your target multiplier, you will automatically cash out the winnings. The max win potential is 10,000x of your current bet, so there is plenty of room for big wins. In addition, you can place multiple bets on the same round. To do that, click on the “+” button next to the “Make Bet” button, and you will be able to place two bets instead of one. Keep in mind that you can set different auto-bet options for both of your bets.

Below those buttons, you will be able to see the other players that are playing at the moment in the “Players” tab, and you can also see your last bets by clicking on the tab “My Bets”. The RTP of the Limbo Cat game is 94.2%.

Limbo Rider by TurboGames

Limbo Rider is another epic Limbo game where you will have to predict the outcome of the multiplier. The whole game has a retro style, and instead of rockets and cats, the outcome of the game will depend on how far the car will go. Your goal in this game will be to get a multiplier that will be equal to or higher than your target multiplier.

limbo rider game screen

For example, if you place a bet on a 5x multiplier, and the car reaches 7 multiplier, congratulations, you have won 5x of your bet amount. However, if the car crashes on any multiplier that is below 5x, you will lose your bet. In this game, you won’t have the chance to “cash out” your winnings as the car progresses on its track once the bets are placed. This is one of the main differences between Limbo Rider and other Limbo casino games. Also, the whole action is happening within a few seconds, so this game can provide much more fun because you will be able to place more bets in less time.

In order to start playing, you will have to set your bet amount. The minimum bet amount is $0.01 and the maximum bet is $100. The max profit that you can get from one bet is $1,000, which is not impressive, especially for the high-rolling players. Then, you will have to set your target multiplier, which must be at least 1.01x. The RTP of this game by Turbo Games is 95%, and we got to say that the RTP is below the average for Limbo games.

To see your chances of winning before hitting the button “Place Bet”, take a look under the Multiplier field. There, you will see your winning chances in percentage, and normally, the bigger your target multiplier is, the lesser chances you will have of winning. Once you are sure that you have all set up, just click on the button “Place bet” and hope for a positive outcome.
Below these fields, there are three buttons, “All Bets”, “Top Bets”, and “My Bets”, and by clicking on each of them, you will be able to see the history of last bets, top bets, and your bets, respectively.

What is Limbo Game and How to Play Online

A Limbo game is a multiplier chasing game where the players place bets on a multiplier they expect to hit. At some of these games, you will be able to cash out your bet as the multiplier grows, but on some of them, you won’t be able to do that. In the latter case, you will have to hit the target multiplier, otherwise, your bet will be lost.

To start playing Limbo games online, you should create an account at some of the online casinos that support Limbo games. These casinos are BC.Game, Stake,, Bitstarz,, Crashino, CryptoPlay and BetFury. Then, just go for your first deposit, find the Limbo game and start playing it.

How does Limbo betting work?

Betting on Limbo is very simple. Usually, there are two main fields for the bet amount and the target multiplier. You should decide how much you want to bet on the next game round and what multiplier you will try to hit. Then, if you are playing a Limbo game where you can cash out, you can choose to withdraw your winnings at any time before it crashes. But, if you a playing the Limbo Rider game, you can only wait to see the outcome of the game. There are some possibilities for setting up Auto Bet features, but we will explore them in the following chapters of this review.

Limbo Game Features

The features of the Limbo games depend on which game you will choose. So, on top of Bet Amount and Targer Multiplier, you can use the following features:

  • Auto Bet
  • Auto Cash out
  • Placing more bets on the same round
  • Turn off/Turn on the animation
  • Check the history of the played games

Limbo Strategies

In this section, we will tell you the top 3 winning strategies that you can use when playing the Limbo game.

Martingale System

This is one of the most popular betting systems that you can use when playing Limbo. This system works in the following way: each time you lose a bet, double your bet amount. By doing this, you will recoup the losses from the previous round and even make a profit. The good thing about this strategy is that eventually, you will be a winner at some point. However, the bad side of this strategy is that if you end up losing several times in a row, the bet amounts you will have to make will be ridiculously high, and you may end up losing huge amounts of money.

Parlay System

The Parlay system can also be used for Limbo gambling. This method is similar to the previous one, with one huge difference. Here, you will have to double your bet after a loss instead of doubling your bet after each win. So, if you bet 20$ and win 40$, in the next round, you will have to bet 40$. The good thing about this system is that you can make lots of money if you get a long winning streak. However, we advise you to set a win limit before playing and to stop playing once you hit that target because if you don’t, you might lose all of your profits in one round!

Labouchere System

This system works in a different way. To use this system, first, you will have to write down a series of numbers (these can be your lucky numbers), for example, 1, 4, 7, 15, 22. Then, you will have to bet an amount equal to the sum of the series’ first and last numbers. In this case, that would be 1 + 22 =23.

Auto play – Auto mode

Using the Auto Play (Auto Mode) while playing Limbo games is a very easy thing to do. All you have to do is set up the value of your bets and set the multiplier you want to hit. Then, you will have to turn off the Auto Bet and the Auto Cashout buttons. Once you have done that, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. You can quickly stop the autoplay mode by turning off the Auto Play mode.

Remember that if you are playing the Limbo Cat game, you can set a different multiplier if you are betting on two outcomes per game. For example, for your first bet, you can set a target multiplier of 3x, and for the second, a target multiplier of 5x. Then, just turn on the Autoplay mode for both of them, and the game will take care of itself.


At some of the online casinos, you will be able to set Hotkeys. You can play the game with your keyboard instead of your mouse when you enable the hotkeys. For example, if you are playing at casino, by pressing on the small “Gear” icon in the lower-left corner of the game screen, you will see a button called “Hotkeys.” Click on it, and on the next window, you can set hotkeys for the following actions:

  • Make a bet
  • Double bet amount
  • Halve bet amount
  • Zero bet amount

Just do not forget to check the tickbox “Hotkeys Enabled” in order to start using them.

Max bet

Depending on the type of Limbo game that you are going to play, the max bet that you can use per round can differ. Some games will let you bet as much as you want, but others, like Limbo Driver and Limbo Cat, have some restrictions on the max bet. For example, the max bet for Limbo Driver is $100, and the max bet for Limbo Cat is $50.

House Edge in Crypto Limbo

Every game provider is deciding about the RTP of its Limbo game. This means that playing Limbo at some casinos may be more profitable than playing at other casinos. Here are the RTPs in percentages for all of the Limbo games:

  • Stake casino – 99% RTP
  • BC.Game casino – 99% RTP
  • casino – 99% RTP
  • Limbo Rider – 95% RTP
  • – 94.99%
  • Limbo Cat game – 94.2% RTP

Additional information and tips

One of the tips we can give you is to be mentally prepared to lose the cash you have deposited for gambling. We are saying this because this is a game of pure luck and chance, and even if you play by any strategy and you are targeting the lowest multipliers, you may end up losing. Another thing we can recommend is asking yourself if you are willing to take bigger risks for huge gains, or play more safely and try to earn small amounts of money.

Is Limbo a Provably Fair Game?

Actually, Limbo is one of the most popular Provably Fair games that you will find at the online casinos. Being a Provably Fair game means that every outcome of every game round is 100% random, and you will be able to check the fairness of the result. To do this, you will have to click on the button “Fairness,” and you will be able to see the Client Seed, Active Server Seed, and other related information.

Limbo Interesting Facts

This section will let you know some interesting facts regarding the Limbo games. To start, we have to say that the popularity of the game is increasing each year. Also, Limbo is a kind of a faster version of the popular Crash Provably Fair game. The difference is that in most casinos, once you make a bet on Limbo, you won’t be able to cash out your winnings, which is not the case with the Crash games. Also, this is one of the games with the best RTP in the industry and doesn’t require any previous knowledge, so it is one of the most profitable casino games for playing with real money.

Pros & Cons of playing Limbo


  • Easy to learn and to play
  • Requires 0 skill
  • Many Limbo games have excellent RTP of 99%
  • It is a faster game when compared to the Crash game


  • The RTP is lower at some casinos
  • Because you can’t use any kind of knowledge, your winnings will strictly depend on your luck
  • Some of the Limbo games (ex. Limbo Cat) are even slower than the Crash games

FAQ about Crypto Limbo

Where can I play Limbo for free?

Most of the casinos won’t let you play Limbo for free. However, at crypto casino, you will be able to play the game Limbo Cat for free. All that you need to do is search for the game using the search filter. Once you open the game, take a look at the top right corner of the game, and you will notice “Play for real – Yes”. You should turn this option off and set it to “No” in order to start playing the game in the demo mode without any chances of losing a dime.

What is the best winning strategy for playing Limbo?

We want to be honest with you, and because of that, we have to say that there is no best winning strategy. The reason that we are saying this is that each strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages. Also, regardless of the strategy that you will choose, you will have to “get lucky” in order to win, as with any other casino game. Also, the RTP of the game is the same for all of the strategies that we have mentioned above in this game review. So, the smartest thing that you can do is to choose a strategy that will suit your playing style, bankroll, and “thirst for gambling”.

What is the best and most popular version of Limbo?

If you are asking us for an opinion, we will choose the Limbo games that have the best RTP. So, we recommend playing Limbo on any of the following crypto casinos:,, and BC.Game.

What popular coins can I use to play Limbo?

Which cryptocurrencies you can use for playing Limbo casino game depending on the casino where you will be playing. Some of the casinos have only several cryptocurrencies on their’s payment methods list, but others will let you deposit and play with dozens of them. Here are some crypto coins that you can use to play Limbo: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, Dash, Monero, Tron, Solana, Ripple, Stellar, Polkadot, USD Coin, EOS, DAI, Unicorn, Banano, Binance USD, Axie Infinity, and a few more.

Is there a Limbo game for mobile?

Of course there is! In fact, all of the Limbo games that you can play from your personal computer can be played from your mobile devices as well. So, if you want to play the Limbo game from your mobile phone, just log in to the casino and start playing it using the same buttons as you would on your computer.

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