Comprehensive Guide to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and Its Licensed Casinos

Having been around since 1996, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is one of the most reputable regulators in the iGaming industry. The gambling authority, which is located within the Kahnawake Territory in Quebec, Canada, has played a huge role in shaping the online casino world.

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Over the years, it has demonstrated its commitment to players’ protection and fair play. Its strict licensing process and solid regulatory framework have also earned it respect among players.

Currently, over 250 betting and casino sites are running on the Kahnawake gaming license. In this guide, we will reveal everything about the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) and the casinos with its license. You’ll discover the benefits and drawbacks of playing at casinos licensed in Kahnawake. Join us as we unveil details about the gambling regulator.

Brief History of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission

As previously noted, the authority was established in 1996. The establishment was a product of the Kahnawake Gaming law enacted by the Mohawk Council that year. However, it wasn’t until July 1999 that a section was added to the law to cover interactive gaming.

The policies were carefully crafted to regulate gambling bodies operating within the territory. They laid down some of their basic principles which are:

  • To control and regulate interactive gaming brands based in or hosted from within the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, in accordance with the law
  • To make sure interactive gaming activities are fair, honest, and responsible
  • To prevent agencies from carrying out crimes under the guise of interactive gaming
  • To make sure operators treat customers fairly and release winnings promptly. Also, to ensure that players’ information is protected
  • To protect underage (below 18) and vulnerable persons from gambling risks.

In 2010, the regulations were amended. All brands licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission were required to be hosted by the Mohawk Internet Technologies. On the other hand, the data center is to be operated and maintained by Continent 8, a firm based in the Isle of Man.

Over the years, the commission has entered into partnerships with many other iGaming jurisdictions. In 2005, the KGC took a significant step by entering a memorandum of understanding with Antigua and Barbuda. It did the same with Malta in 2006 and Alderney in 2010.

At some point, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was also known for offering licenses to online casinos that accept players from the USA. However, as many states in the USA began to develop their regulations, there was no longer a need for the Kahnawake to license online casinos. In 2016, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement announced an agreement with the KGC wherein it would no longer provide licenses to casino operators targeting USA players.

Types of Licenses Offered by the KGC

All forms of gambling (whether online or offline) activities hosted within the territory are regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The commission issues four types of licenses, permits, and authorizations. Here are the types:

  1. Interactive Gaming License: This allows a firm to offer online services to other brands in the same location
  2. Client Provider Authorization: Brands with this authorization can operate gaming services from the same location as a firm that holds an interactive gaming license.
  3. Inter Jurisdiction Authorization: Allows brands to operate online gambling services from the same location as a firm with an interactive gaming license.
  4. Key Person Permit: This allows an employee or contractor to work for the holder of any of the other licenses and authorizations.

Reliability and Popularity of the Kahnawake Gambling License

In terms of reliability, the KGC is one of the best gambling licenses out there. The amendments in 2010 gave the commission greater control over its licensees. Since all the brands have to be hosted by Mohawk Internet Technologies, the KGC can shut down any site that violates its principles. This possibility makes operators adhere strictly to the policies laid out by the commission.

When it comes to popularity, it’s different. Although the license is reputable, there aren’t many Kahnawake online casinos out there. Currently, there are just about 250 websites operated by 50+ clients hosted on the Mohawk Internet Technologies server. Nevertheless, these websites are open to accepting players from any location where gambling online is allowed.

Advantages of the Kahnawake Gaming License

There are benefits for players at online casinos with the Kahnawake license as well as the operators. We explain all the benefits below.

  • Strict Regulations: The KGC has a solid regulatory framework, which emphasizes fair and honest services. Operators are required to offer games from reputable software providers that have their games audited by game testers.
  • Safety: You can enjoy the safety of your details and funds when you play at Kahnawake casinos. Not only are the casinos actively monitored by the KGC, but most of them operate from the territory and on a general host. This gives the KGC much control over them.
  • Responsible Gambling Policies: The commission mandates all its casinos to provide enough responsible gambling tools for its players. You will be able to use tools such as deposit limits and self-exclusion.
  • Convenient Tax Conditions in Kahnawake: Casino operators who are just starting the business will find the Kahnawake casino license appealing as they won’t have to pay any tax.
  • Fast Licensing Process: Although the process is strict, it doesn’t take much time to acquire the license. The application takes about two to three weeks. If all the submitted documents check, Kahnawake will approve your casino license within 8 to 10 weeks.

The Process of Obtaining a Kahnawake Online Gambling License

Operators who want a Kahnawake online casino license have to apply for a client-provider authorization (CPA). The application fee is $40,000 and it must be paid before the application is processed. Brands will also have to pay $5,000 for key person license applications for each proposed key person in the organization.

Here are some forms you have to complete:

  • Application Form for CPA: This provides overall information about your application.
  • Business Entity Information Form: Provides information about the firm applying for the CPA.
  • Personal Information Form: Details of each director of the applying brand, each shareholder with at least 10% ownership, and each key person.
  • Key Person Form: At least one key person must be nominated and details will be provided in this form.
  • Control System Submission: This includes details of when you plan to go live, what types of games will be offered, when the RNG was last tested, and many more.

All the forms are available for download on the KGC interactive gaming website.

Controversies Surrounding the Kahnawake Casino License

Although the KGC has managed to maintain a good reputation, it has not been without its fair share of controversies. Around 2007, the Ultimate Bet Cheating Scandal rocked the gambling industry. Former employees of a platform licensed by the KGC left some loopholes in the security system which allowed them to manipulate the system.

However, the commission was proven not to be at fault. The licensed organization was sanctioned by the KGC, charged with a fine, and directed to return funds to players.

Dispute Resolution at Kahnawake Casinos

The KGC prioritizes players' safety and provides the platform for you to make complaints if you have any issues with an operator. However, this must be after you have tried to reach a resolution with the operator first. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission receives complaints through their email: It also provides guidelines for the complaints on its website.

Drawbacks of Casinos with the Kahnawake Gambling License

The main drawback of the Kahnawake casino license is its lack of global recognition in today’s world. Despite its longevity and reputation, it is not as popular as licenses from Malta, the UK, or even Curacao. This may cause players to have less confidence in KGC-licensed casinos.

Furthermore, the responsible gambling policies of the organization are not as strong as those of the Malta Gaming Authority and the British Gambling Commission. In terms of dispute resolution, it’s also not as solid as these two regulators.


Despite its shortcomings, the Kahnawake Gaming Authority remains a respected regulator in the industry today. It has a strict licensing process and a strong regulatory framework which makes its operators trustworthy.

While there aren’t many Kahnawake casinos today, there are still over 250 licensed sites to check out. The casinos offer a wide range of games, numerous bonuses, and excellent customer support. What’s more, KGC-licensed gambling sites are mobile-friendly, so you can play your favorite games on the go.

We invite you to explore our platform and identify a suitable Kahnawake casino today. Our listed sites offer you the best gambling experience while providing a safe and secure environment. While at it, do not forget to play responsibly always. We wish you the best of luck.

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