Coinslotty awards partners with Chocolate Gold

With its flagship Crypto-only online casino, Stable Tech N.V. is creating a stir in the iGaming industry as they celebrate a significant milestone by announcing the closure of 100 affiliate partnerships. The business is distributing 100 special gift packages filled with tasty golden chocolate coins to mark the occasion and welcome the new year.

A Special Present for special partners!

Before sending these gifts out, Coinslotty was considering how to express gratitude to those who contributed to their accomplishment in light of the success they had achieved.

A very beautiful set of thoughtful gifts delivered to each of their 1st 100 affiliate partners served as the answer to that. As stunning as the company’s accomplishments, the gift box’s contents include an Apple AirTag with the Coinslotty logo and a custom golden coin purse in the manner of a medieval purse loaded with chocolate shaped like golden coins.

The expert chocolatiers from Croatian Choco Concept made the chocolate “gold” coins. Since its founding in 2011, Croatian Choco Concept, situated in the charming city of Opatija, has been a pioneer in creative chocolate creations. These chocolate coins are the ideal way to commemorate Stable Tech N.V.’s achievement because the chocolatiers’ team is well known for their creative and eye-catching products.

These delicious chocolates were carefully and lovingly made, so they are not just any ordinary sweets. A unique silicone mold and a gorgeous 3D design were needed to make the coins. Each coin is made of Belgian chocolate with 40% cocoa content and has a diameter of 44 mm and a height of 5 mm. It has been hand-brushed to have a uniform, brilliant golden sheen resembling real gold coins. These 5000 shining chocolates are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on the chosen recipients because they have a flavor that is as luxurious as their appearance.

Custom leather purses that held the golden coins were included in the present box. Anyone can see that each purse was the result of hours of diligent work just by taking a quick look at them. Three different materials were combined into a 32cm diameter purse by the craftsmen using heavy-duty scissors, various tools, cowhide, synthetic leather, and a glittering golden string. Each purse contains 45 delicious chocolate coins and weighs over 100 grams.

Each gift package became a priceless treasure for the fortunate recipients as a result of the spectacular expression of accomplishment and appreciation. Each purse is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece created with the utmost care and the best materials, adding to the overall feeling of celebration that anyone will experience when receiving these gifts. These leather purses represent the company’s admiration for its partners while also serving as a symbol of the relationship’s significance, solidity, and timeless elegance.

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The online crypto casino added an Apple AirTag in the gift box as a special way to contribute to the recipient’s growth and achievement.” Users may track their items with the use of Apple’s AirTag, which is a discreet tracking gadget with a round shape.

Coinslotty tested laser engraving and UV printing options to make sure the AirTag would look its best. The AirTag arrives linked to the carabiner, which has a snap-and-lock mechanism to keep it firmly in place. It is nestled in a special sponge mold. The AirTag’s open design lets owners show their personalized engraving while its raised edges prevent scratches.

This commemorative gift set’s eco-friendly packaging was the cherry on top. The recycled-material gift box is specially constructed to fit the leather purse and AirTag perfectly. Two powerful magnets that hold the covers closed until they are ready to be opened are great, in addition to the box’s smooth mat black finish. The finishing was done with a beautiful purple ribbon that wonderfully suits the Coinslotty logo.

How did the partners react when they received the gifts?

The company’s affiliate partners were delighted and thankful for Coinslotty’s 100 golden chocolate coin gifts. The medieval leather purse caught the attention of one of the partners, who complimented its usefulness and aristocratic beauty. Another person was drawn to the chocolates in the form of gold coins and admired their distinctive appearance and wonderful flavor. Others were especially astounded by the box’s elegant appeal as a whole.

The affiliate community as a whole expressed positivity, demonstrating that this historic celebration will be cherished for a very long time. According to Coinslotty, this is only the beginning.

The organization behind, Stable Tech N.V., has high ambitions for the future. The ambitious crew behind their online casino will settle for nothing except for the best, and the ambitions and events they have for their players, community, and affiliate partners are indicative of a business with a high drive for success.

The brand’s main objective is to be one of the top online crypto casinos in the world. The team intends to forge a significant presence on all forums devoted to cryptocurrencies. The forum is their first goal. Satoshi Nakamoto established in 2009, and it has since grown to become a popular center for events and news relating to cryptocurrencies. Coinslotty has already partnered with several senior forum users, and their ANN post has been active for a few weeks already.

Also, Coinslotty intends to build a presence on Twitch, one of the largest live-streaming sites in the world, recognized for its emphasis on video games, esports tournaments, and creative content. The Coinslotty team hopes to create a team of 100 Twitch streamers who will play at Coinslotty on a daily basis.

Another channel that Coinslotty has its eye on is YouTube. The group plans to launch a YouTube channel on which the highlights of the Twitch streamers will be shown. The business is currently sponsoring and collaborating with a group of more than 10 Twitch streamers, and they are gathering all the content and selecting the highlights that need to be posted on their YouTube channel. Then, Direcut Productions will manage the project and publish the highlights once a week.

What exactly is

In the iGaming sector, Coinslotty has been known for its dedication to fairness, security, and consumer happiness. The online casino has a fully licensed operation situated in Curacao, which is completely supported by the government and offers players a safe and reliable gambling platform. Their expertise covers all business activities, from planning and successfully distributing these presents to compliance and regulation.

The site’s games are all compliant with ISO/IEC 17025 and “provably fair” certified, ensuring that users receive a fair gaming experience. Also, their payout percentages, which range from 95% to 98%, are in line with industry norms, giving players a good chance to receive high rewards, which of course, is both profitable and enjoyable.

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