Provably Fair algorithm in casino games

Fair play implies equal conditions for both the player and the house. Facing a virtual card table or slot machine, the player willy-nilly has to trust the gambling site. In brick-and-mortar casinos, you can at least see how the cards are dealt or how the wheel is spun. But who can vouch for some pictures on the screen when the results are determined by a random selection of numbers and strings in a computer program?

Since crypto casinos had initially been showing interest in cutting-edge gaming technologies, they were quick to find a solution to the problem of credibility. As time went by, bitcoin gambling sites began to feature a new type of games called Provably Fair. Such casinos claimed that this new technology would make it possible to ensure that the game outcomes are fair and unbiased.

Many crypto casinos realized that they could use Provably Fair games as a bargaining chip and have been using it that way to this day. However, many players still have no clue when they hear about the «unprecedented technology» and the ability to check the fairness of gaming results. This article will lift the veil on provably fair games and why they are important for cryptocurrency gambling sites.

Best casinos with Provably Fair games in 2024

Each year sees more and more websites with provably fair games. Popular bitcoin gambling sites add these games to keep pace with technological developments while greener resources make it one of their main features. You can use several simple yet important principles to choose the best Provably Fair casino. They will help you understand what this or that website is like.

You would likely want to play provably fair games using Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency. In that case, it will not hurt to check whether the website even accepts payments made in your preferred digital currency. While Bitcoin is accepted in most crypto casinos, other coins may not be available among a casino’s payment options. Such information is better to know ahead of time.

The provably fair mechanism ensures the fairness of casino games but has nothing to do with the safety of personal data and funds of players that make deposits on a website. Extra protection for gaming accounts and cold storage of user cryptocurrency is considered to be good signs. The storage is considered as «cold» when the funds are stored on physical offline wallets where you need special approval to access the digital currency.

Naturally, it would be nice to have a good look at the game lobby of a crypto casino with Provably Fair games. First of all, you should probably pay attention to whether it has your favorite games of luck. For instance, a casino can have anything in the world but poker, which, as it just so happens, is the game you play.

Take advantage of our selection of the best Provably Fair casinos to make your choice simpler. Each of these casino gambling sites meets most criteria that matter to players. With them, you do not have to worry about the quality of game products or customer support answer speed because it usually is at the highest level.


9.3 /10

TrustDice is one of the leading crypto casinos that offer players a wide array of games with provably fair technology. The casino has a vast selection of 8000+ games, giving you enough options to entertain yourself with. Although you may not find a section in the lobby named “Provably fair”, there are many of them littered in other categories there. If you switch to the “Originals” section, you’ll also find special TrustDice crash and dice games.

In the lobby, you can find popular provably fair games by typing their titles into the search bar. Among the selection are some of the best Plinko games. These include Plinko and Plinko XY by BGaming as well as Plinko and Pine of Plinko by Relax Gaming. Mines are not left out either as there are multiple titles from both BGaming and Relax Gaming. Other provably fair crash and dice games are also available in the main casino lobby.

Apart from the provably fair games, there are also many other titles from 30+ reputable developers on the site. These include top slots, table games, video poker, and live casinos. Sports and esports are also available for you to bet on.

While betting on TrustDice, you can enhance your experience by claiming some bonuses. On signing up, you are offered 25 free spins and up to 3 BTC on your first set of deposits. There are also reload bonuses, cashbacks, and free spins deals available to existing players from time to time.


8.7 /10

Although Cloudbet is first and foremost known as a sports betting website, its casino gambling section is no worse than any classic gambling site. The game lobby has always contained all popular game categories, as well as games with live dealers and virtual sports. Quite recently, the game selection was updated with Provably Fair games as a new section called Crypto Arcade was introduced.

For the time being, this section has eight Provably Fair games. These are Aviator, Mines, Goal Mines, Plinko, Mini Roulette, Dice, Hi-Lo, and Keno. Each game has the RTP percentage specified, which is 97% for all mentioned games. Newcomers can go to the Cloudbet blog and find material that explains what Provably Fair casino games are and how to use their mechanism.

Being sure that the games are fair, users will probably want to make use of some promotions. The welcome bonus of 100% up to 5 BTC is one of the most notable deals on Cloudbet. The bonus is released in installments as a user accumulates special bonus points. The good news is that you will not have to play through your bonus money because you are going to be able to withdraw them as soon as you get them on your main balance.

Besides the sportsbook bonuses, there are numerous special deals for casino players. For instance, every Tuesday you can deposit at least €20 and you will be rewarded with 20 Free Spins on Fire in the Hole 2 slot by Nolimit City.


Crypto-friendly casino is notable for having exclusively provably fair games. However, there is the flip side: there are only three of these games for the time being. But if you take into account the average number of active users online, it seems to be more than enough for a fun gambling pastime.

An obvious advantage of WolfBet lies in the abundance of cryptocurrency payment options. This website allows you to play Provably Fair games using such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Binance Coin, TRON, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, SushiCoin, UniCoin, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Cash.

Besides that, there are many promotions and free crypto giveaways that can bring some variety into your gambling. For instance, there is a promo known as the VIP wheel. You can spin this wheel every day and receive gifts according to your activity and the time you spend on Provably Fair games on Furthermore, there are mini-games in the chat as well as occasional giveaways in Telegram, Twitter, and on the Bitcointalk forum.

Despite being a relatively small casino, it still has its own blog. What is important, one of the blog posts provides some rather detailed information on Provably Fair games. There are explanations on how the Provably Fair algorithm works, why these games have become popular in the crypto gambling community, and how to check the fairness of the games.

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Popular Provably Fair casino games

Whatever game of luck you prefer, you will nearly always find a certain number of variations of this game with the Provably Fair algorithm. Lately, some providers have even been creating special sets of provably fair games, one for each category. Sometimes one category may have quite a number of variations of the same game. If you would like to know which Provably Fair games are the most widespread in bitcoin casinos, the following five categories are the first that come to mind.

slots icon

Provably Fair slots

One day, someone asked Bitcoin talk users whether Provably Fair slots even existed. It turned out that they did exist. In the case of this game, the Result string stores the layout of symbols and the positions of reels while the rest works just the same as in other provably fair games.

Some popular Provably Fair slots:

  • Lucky Lady’s Clover
  • Slotomon Go
  • Aztec Magic
  • Bounty on the High Seas
  • Wheel of Fun: Fairground

The popularity of Provably Fair slots is quite easy to explain. This game is really simple for understanding and is often packed with cool graphics and sound effects. It is more fitting for a laid-back style of gambling when you do not have to mull over the next move or round. Important choices are limited to those you may have to make during some kind of bonus rounds.

Well-known themes and characters amplify this «relaxation» effect. Playing some randomly chosen Provably Fair slots is one thing, but another is to watch the reels spinning in a familiar atmosphere you like. Thanks to the unbelievable abundance of slot games on bitcoin casino websites, players can find all sorts of themes, both general and specific. For instance, you can find a slot game on the theme of another highly popular TV series every now and then.

roulette icon

Provably Fair roulette

Being one of the most popular casino games in general, provably fair roulette is an integral part of the respective sections on cryptocurrency gambling sites. The classic game, which has become a favorite pastime for many generations of casino players, has got some new functionality to prove that the outcomes of the wheel spins have nothing to do with how much money is wagered on the black.

Some popular variations of Provably Fair roulette:

  • European roulette
  • American roulette
  • French roulette

The difference between European and American roulette lies mainly in the additional pocket on the wheel. While the European version has only one zero pockets, the American one may have the ball fallen into a so-called double-zero pocket as well. This way, European roulette offers slightly higher chances of guessing the winning pocket correctly.

Provably Fair roulette allows you to ensure that the simulation of the wheel and ball spin is executed in a random fashion, just like in a brick-and-mortar casino. Nobody knows the result of a game before it begins, and the cryptographic method provides you with an opportunity to see that for yourself.

blackjack icon

Provably Fair blackjack

If a casino has card games, it surely has a virtual blackjack table among them. And when it comes to crypto casinos, it is likely that you will find there provably fair blackjack with the ability to check the fairness of gaming outcomes.

Some popular variations of Provably Fair blackjack:

  • Classic blackjack
  • Double Exposure Blackjack
  • Blackjack Surrender
  • Multihand Blackjack
  • Spanish 21

Bitcoin Blackjack seems to be a really simple card game, but it has enough room for gambling strategies. Besides, numerous types of games add new factors and rules, compelling blackjack masters to constantly modify and adjust their strategies for each particular type.

Besides all that, blackjack is known as a game where you can seriously improve your chances of winning in a long run by utilizing the card counting method. As the result, many casinos reserve the right to suspend a player who has been suspected of using this practice. Naturally, these decisions are often quite subjective, especially in the case of online casinos.

hilo icon

Provably Fair Hi-Lo

Despite all simplicity of video slots, there are even simpler casino games. One of the popular game categories among such games is Hi-Lo. In this game, a player receives a certain value and places a bet on whether the next value is higher or lower.

The variation of hi-lo with cards implies dealing a few cards to a player. In that case, the player would guess the rank of the next dealt card, whether it is higher or lower. There would also be some special buttons, sliders, or similar interface elements. As a rule, everything is designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

Some popular variations of Provably Fair Hi-Lo:

  • Hi-Lo — Orbital
  • HiLo —
  • HiLo — Spribe

The Hi-Lo game can often be found in minimalistic bitcoin casinos. Some players like it because it often looks like a «naked» random number generator where each win is determined by pure luck. It may suit newbies well, especially those who are not eager to figure out the rules of more complex games. However, many experienced gamblers like this game, too, mainly because of its fast tempo.

Some variations of Provably Fair HiLo do give room for some tactics. It mostly applies to the games where a player have to guess the rank of the next card. Given that there is one deck, you can theoretically determine a small difference in probabilities of drawing a card with a certain rank.

dice icon

Provably Fair dice

Dice is another pillar of the crypto gambling industry. You can see this game in almost every bitcoin casino. In terms of the simplicity of game rules, dice is similar to hi-low so it attracts about the same categories of online casino players.

Some popular variations of Provably Fair dice:

  • Dice — Spribe
  • Dice — Orbital
  • Dice —

Dice is notable for being one of the first games that you could play using Bitcoin. It often looks like a set of sliders and buttons for betting, although more sophisticated variations do exist. Besides, some people consider all games where you roll the dice to be «dice», so craps may fall into this category too.

There is one common thing with dice that is especially appreciated by experienced gamblers. We are talking about relatively high RTP percentages. Depending on the casino and the game, this percentage could be 5-10% higher than average. It is particularly noticeable if you compare it with some low-RTP slot games.

Pros and cons of provably fair gambling

The Provably Fair algorithm was designed in order to increase customer trust towards online crypto gambling. Such games satisfy the demand for transparency and fairness that exists among the users of crypto casinos. As usual, there are specific features and issues that outline both positive and controversial sides of the idea.

Benefits of Provably Fair games

The Provably Fair mechanism provides a decent alternative to more traditional ways of ensuring that gaming software is fair, which often falls to third-party testing companies. Regular players usually cannot confirm that such a company is actually «independent» while it has already done all required testing for a game. Furthermore, the very fact of testing is quite difficult to establish. In the case of provably fair games, any person can check the outcomes on their own, and it is a common practice for websites to prepare some guidelines explaining how to do that.

The implementation of such a mechanism in casino games usually makes them look more attractive to casino players. It is particularly important if you consider the fact that provably fair games are found in cryptocurrency casinos where the audience has a rather cordial attitude towards everything cryptographic and verifiable.

Many players point out that Provably Fair games often have a lower house edge. As the result, a player receives a higher percentage of their winnings on average when compared to some other casino games.

Since there is no need to undergo a series of tests by independent companies, new games may show up in the casinos much faster. The Provably Fair mechanism may become an alternative to multiple tests that determine whether the random number generator and the game itself work as planned.

As the result, the Provably Fair gaming sections often contain the games that you would seldom see in regular casinos. Games like Aviator and Plinko by Spribe are good examples. Besides that, there is a trend among bitcoin casinos, which is making their own games with the provably fair feature.

Provably Fair drawbacks

Perhaps, the biggest drawback of the provably fair algorithm is its complexity. A really big number of users would frown when hearing words like «hash value» and stop trying to understand how to check whether the game is fair. Besides, there are also a lot of people who do not understand what hash string verification has to do with the casino’s honesty towards players.

In some cases, the presence of Provably Fair games may create an illusion that your bets are safe and protected. While the equality of both hash values you receive will certainly prove that the casino does not change the result based on the bets a player makes, it still does not rule out other ways to swindle people.

A casino can also be defenseless in the face of hackers. It is especially true with newer crypto gambling sites, which could have been made in a make-do fashion. Larger casinos spend more money on the adequate protection of user data and funds.

Unfortunately, there are cases when the casino representatives are downright scammers themselves. The games with the Provably Fair algorithm could be just a distraction. That is why it is important to play games only in well-recognized casinos and follow the most important news from the crypto gambling world from time to time. Checking the user reviews on a regular basis will also increase your chances to avoid taking the scammers’ bait.

Provably Fair and crypto casino games

One of the main principles of the provably fair algorithm for casino games is that the results are saved into a blockchain. As it is impossible to modify the data you store in a blockchain, it makes the fairness check reliable and transparent. And if there is blockchain technology, there will be cryptocurrencies too.

In theory, one can imagine a scenario when a regular casino is using a blockchain to verify the fairness of the results and bets. However, it does not happen in practical terms, so Provably Fair games are associated exclusively with the gambling websites that accept cryptocurrencies. It is especially relevant when the casino is anonymous or when it does not have enough reputation.

Can Provably Fair games be hacked?

Vigilant players ponder about the role of the seed value in determining the results or verifying the fairness of a game. In fact, this value is used not only on the client-side but also on the server-side. The server seed is provided in an encrypted form, so it is practically impossible to decrypt it.

Top crypto casinos are also using advanced protection measures for their websites, especially around the parts that may be vulnerable to hacking attacks. The use of modern encryption protocols protects user data and funds, making a hack a rather unlikely event.

Given that the game outcomes are saved into a blockchain, it provides an additional layer of security. In case of any dispute, the reputation of that particular Provably Fair casino will be at stake because anyone can see the proof of suspicious activity if there is such. A scenario like this is extremely undesirable for any casino as it may lose many players as the result.

What does Provably Fair mean?

The simplest explanation tells us that Provably Fair games are games with a built-in «honesty control» mechanism.

The very phrase «provably fair» became popular in the context of crypto casinos and online gambling in general. If a provider or resource calls their games Provably Fair, it should mean that players have an option to check whether such games are fair and make sure that the gaming outcomes are randomly generated.

This mechanism usually implies that each player receives a certain key string which can be used to check the game results via a special algorithm. At first sight, the string seems to be just a chaotic selection of digits and characters. In fact, however, it contains some encrypted hash code.

The Provably Fair algorithm allows you to use this code in order to get a certain game result as an output. If the code test returns the same result as you saw during the game round, it means that the game works just fine. Naturally, you should expect the same output results when checking provably fair games. Otherwise, it will indicate some sort of bias in the game algorithm.

Provably Fair games explained (using blackjack)

The BGaming website has a comprehensive explanation of how Provably Fair games work. This provider has this algorithm built on a special cryptographic method that separates the results of game rounds from players and their decisions. In other words, the amount and number of bets cannot influence the outcome of a game, while the player cannot learn the result before they start playing.

Taking provably fair blackjack as an example, it should look as follows:

  • Before the game round begins, a string containing cards and their positions in the deck will be randomly generated in the game. Nobody should know these positions beforehand so another random string called Secret is generated for that game round.
  • Both strings go through the hashing algorithm SHA-256. The output is the combination of the round identifier, game results, and the secret string which has been provided to the player. You cannot read any results in this mish-mash of characters.
  • If you want to check the fairness of the outcomes, you can provide an arbitrary initial value, also known as a seed, before you make a bet. You can automatically select a random number or enter it manually. This value can be applied to the result, «cutting» the virtual deck at a certain point.
  • The hash value can be double-checked in any online generator by choosing the SHA-256 hashing algorithm. The hash code should match the one you got earlier.

If it all looks too complicated, it is no big deal. Best crypto casinos with provably fair games provide step-by-step guides with detailed explanations on their websites. Following these guides, you will be able to check whether a game is fair without too much trouble.

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