SoftSwiss Faces Court Case: Dama NV Declared Bankrupt Amidst Lawsuits

In a recent development, a Curacao court has declared Dama NV, a subsidiary of software platform SoftSwiss, bankrupt following lawsuits from two gamblers seeking to reclaim their funds, which is €816.852 in total. This has sparked debates and discussions in the iGaming community.

SoftSwiss management has immediately addressed the ongoing legal challenges, reassuring stakeholders that the decision can be appealed from the first instance. They are confident the legal process is far from over and higher courts will overturn the situation. The company also states that no bankruptcy proceedings have been initiated against Dama.

According to the statement, these lawsuits are sponsored by an organization representing players in Austria to exert pressure on Dama NV. Despite the legal challenges, Softswiss assures that Dama remains financially stable and that the total sum of claims is insignificant relative to the company’s overall assets. As a last resort, they can simply pay money for the claims.

At the moment, SoftSwiss remains confident that they are on the right side. The company is committed to resolving the disputes through the courts, instead of succumbing to the immediate pay demands.

About SoftSwiss

SoftSwiss is an iGaming provider that offers both casino and sports betting solutions. The multi-award-winning company has over 20,000 casino games from various game developers. SoftSwiss is one of the most popular software providers in the crypto gambling industry, with its software used on many top BTC casinos.

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