Cloudbet Launches an Unlimited Loyalty Rewards System

Great news, crypto gamblers! One of our favorite crypto casinos, Cloudbet, has just updated its loyalty program, now offering unrestricted bonuses with no wagering requirements. Forget the old points system which could sometimes be boring. With this new update, you can claim your bonuses instantly.

The most exciting part of this new system is the TURBO feature, which occasionally offers huge reward cash bonuses. Let us break down this new loyalty program in detail.

Earn Rakeback by Betting

For each bet you place at Cloudbet, you earn rakeback which is a percentage of the casino’s portion (house edge). This means the casino is sharing its profit with you.

As you continue to bet, you accumulate more cash as rakeback. The rakeback is split into two when you tap “Add” from the loyalty section in your account. One portion is sent to your Cloudbet wallet and is available foa r you to bet or withdraw immediately. The other part is sent to your Rewards Calendar and can be claimed thrice daily.

Surprise Rewards

To top up the rakeback, this Cloudbet loyalty program gives out extra bonuses based on how often you play. The rewards you will qualify for are calculated based on your VIP level, rakeback accumulated, and lossback. These rewards are awarded daily, weekly, and monthly.


The best part is the TURBO feature, which involves a large spike in the rakeback percentage. In some cases, TURBO may award almost all of the house edge to players. However, it’s only available for a limited time.

Bigger Rewards Based on Your VIP Level

Cloudbet loyalty program features 8 VIP tiers, from Bronze to Blue Diamond. Your level increases as you bet more frequently at the casino.

cloudbet loyalty program levels

These are some of the benefits to expect:

  • Level Up Rewards: This is like a fresh welcome bonus. Once you reach a new VIP status, the casino gives you a cash reward to celebrate the milestone.
  • Top Tier Rewards: Players at the highest levels get more perks and amazing bonuses. Their level-up rewards could be as high as $2.5 million.
  • Exclusive Services: Top VIP players also get special treatment, which includes physical rewards.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: Players on the highest VIP levels receive special support 24/7.

Check the Cloudbet loyalty page to see what other benefits each level qualifies for.

Ready to boost your crypto gambling experience? Sign up at Cloudbet now and let the rewards start rolling in!

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