Earn Massive Prizes from the BitStarz Jackpotz Mania

We’re excited to announce another thrilling promo from the amazing crypto casino Bitstarz – Jackpotz Mania (JPM). Everybody – whether new or existing players are invited to enjoy the beautiful prizes that this exclusive promotion brings. What’s more, you can also join a special race to share in a prize pool of $25,000.

What is Jackpotz Mania?

Jackpotz Mania is a loaded promotion that features many programs. These include the daily jackpot spins, the JPM Jackpots, JPM Rakeback, JPM Jackpot Boosters, and JPM Race.

bitstarz casino jackpotz mania benefits

Any player registered at Bitstarz can benefit from all these programs. It all starts with playing your favorite games. We will break down the different features on this page, but let's start by showing you how to take part in Jackpotz Mania.

How to Participate

These are the steps to opt in for the promo:

  1. Log in Daily: The first step is to sign in to your Bitstarz account every day.
  2. Collect J$ and Convert to Spins: Each day you log in, Bitstarz credits you with Jackpotz Dollars (J$). After receiving them, these J$ are automatically turned into daily jackpot spins.
  3. Choose Your Games: Once you have the spins, you’ll be allowed to select one from the JPM games. There is a list of games that is updated weekly. You unlock a new game every day you play and the oldest game is swapped with a new one weekly.
  4. Set Your Bet: Depending on your JPM status, you may be allowed to adjust your bets. Only players on the first status cannot change their bets.
  5. Play: After betting, you’re free to play the game and compete for one of the two progressive jackpots – the minor and mega jackpots. And even if you don’t hit a jackpot, your winnings from the jackpot spins contribute towards the $25,000 JPM Race.
bitstarz casino jackpotz mania info

Jackpotz Mania Statuses

For this promotion, players on Bitstarz are categorized under three statuses. These statuses are updated in real-time, depending on your activity on the site over the past 30 days.

  • Inactive Status: Players here are those who have not deposited any money or haven’t wagered up to $1,000 (or currency equivalent) in the past month. These players are allowed to participate but their chances of winning the jackpots are significantly lower compared to the others. However, they can’t compete in the JPM race or get the JPM rakeback.
  • Active Status: These include players who have made at least one deposit and wagered $1,000 or more in the past month. Players here can compete in the JPM Race and get extra benefits like more daily jackpot spins, higher bets for spins, jackpot boosters, and JPM rakeback. They also receive an additional J$ bonus when they hit a jackpot.
  • VIP Status: This is the highest level where players get all the perks of the previous status and more. You can only reach this level by invitation from the casino.

JPM Rakeback

We’ve seen a lot of rakeback promos from crypto casinos in recent times, but this JPM offer from Bitstarz is unique. The rakeback is calculated as 50% of the house edge of games you played.

For example, let's assume you wager $1,000 on a game with 96% RTP. The house edge is 4%, which is $40 out of the $1,000. Your rakeback from here will be 50% of $40, which is $20. You will receive J$20 in rakeback.

What you get as rakeback will be combined with the J$ you receive from daily login. They will be converted into daily spins together.

The amount of rakeback you can convert into jackpot spins depends on your status. Those on the active status can convert up to J$400 while those on VIP status can convert up to $4,000. As mentioned, Inactive players are ineligible for the rakeback.

If you get more rakeback than the limit for your status, the excess amount is used as points towards your JPM Race. This helps you improve your position on the leaderboard and your chances of winning bigger prizes.

The rakeback has to be claimed and used as spins within 24 hours, or they expire.

JPM Jackpots

As mentioned, the Jackpotz Mania promo comes with two progressive prizes – the minor and the mega jackpots. Since they are progressive jackpots, there are no fixed prizes. But at the time of writing this, the minor jackpot is around $350 while the mega jackpot is around $25,200.

To hit these jackpots, your total winnings from the jackpot spins must reach a specific target. For example, the target amount to hit the minor jackpot could be J$444. Once your accumulated win amount matches J$444, you trigger the minor jackpot.

JPM Jackpot Boosters

Bitstarz makes it easier for you to hit the jackpots by introducing boosters. This increases your chances of triggering the jackpot.

Instead of having to match the specific target amount, the booster creates a range. For instance, let's say you need to hit the target of J$444. If you get a booster of $10, you will only have to win from a range of J$434 and J$454 to trigger the jackpot.

So how do you get a booster? Simply maintain your Active or VIP status in the program. This will automatically give you both Minor and Mega JPM Jackpot Boosters.

When you get the Minor Jackpot Booster, it comes at a fixed value. For the Mega Jackpot Booster, the value grows every two weeks.

JPM Gamble Feature

Adding to the thrills of Bitstarz Jackpot Mania is the Gamble Feature. It gives you the chance to double your winnings.

After using up your daily jackpot spins, simply click on the GAMBLE button. If you’re lucky, your winnings will be doubled. Otherwise, you lose everything.

Bitstarz allows you to gamble the prize four times up to a maximum of J$1,000. For example, let’s say you win J$100. This is how gambling your J$100 will work

  • First successful gamble earns you J$200 (J$100 x 2)
  • Second successful gamble earns you $400 (J$200 x 2)
  • Third successful gamble earns you $800 (J$400 x 2)

In the above scenario, you cannot gamble up to four times because of the J$1,000 limit. If your total win amount at the end of the spins is J$50, it’s a different outcome.

  • First successful gamble earns you J$100 (J$50 x 2)
  • Second successful gamble earns you J$200 ($100 x 2)
  • Third successful gamble earns you J$400 (J$200 x 2)
  • Fourth successful gamble earns you J$800 (J$400 x 2)

As mentioned, the GAMBLE feature can either double your winnings or disappear with all. Thus, you have to prepare your mind for the risk.

And if you’re wondering if the GAMBLE feature is manipulated in any form, you can put your mind at rest. Bitstarz makes use of the provably fair technology for this feature. You can verify the result by tapping the “PROVABLY FAIR” button on the gambling screen.

Win up to $5,000 Extra from the JPM RACE

Bringing the Jackpot Mania promo to its climax is the JPM race with a $25,000 prize pool. Players on the ACTIVE and VIP status are automatically a part of this race.

Like other casino races, your position on the JPM leaderboard will be based on how much J$ you earn during the race period. The JPM race starts on Day 1 of each month and ends at 02:00 (CET) on Day 1 of the next month.

Up to 1000 players will earn prizes from this race. However, the bigger prizes are for those who finish in the first to third positions. Here’s what they get:

  • 1st place - $5,000
  • 2nd place - $2,500
  • 3rd place - $1,000

The above gifts for the first to third positions are real money prizes. Other players from positions 4th to 1000th earn bonus amounts and free spins. The cash bonuses have a 10x playthrough while the free spins winnings attract a 40x playthrough.

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