Million Dollar Race at FairSpin Casino

This campaign has ended

We all love lucrative races and leaderboards, but what Fairspin is offering at the moment is just unbelievable! Now, you will have a good chance of battling for a piece of $1,000,000. Yes, the prize pool of the casino tournament is one million US dollars, you’ve read that right! Every Fairspin player can participate in this fantastic promo, and all you have to do is to play casino games with real money.

How to win in the Million Dollar Race?

  1. Open any casino game
  2. Play the game with real money bets
  3. Get TFS for each of your bets
  4. The more you bet, the more TFS you will receive
  5. The player that mined the highest number of TFS will get the first place

The Million Dollar Race started on the 1st of November, and it will last until the 31st of December!

How is the distribution of the prizes arranged?

The Million Dollar Race will award $800,000 to the top 500 players at the end of the promo period. Below you can check the prizes for the top 20 finishers!

● First place – A unbelievably HUGE prize of $500,000!
● Second place – $100,000
● Third place – $50,000
● Fourth place – $10,000
● Fifth and sixth place – $5,000
● Seventh and eighth place – $3,000
● Ninth and tenth place – $2,000
● Eleventh to twentieth place – $1,000

In addition, there will be a weekly draw where 200 lucky players will receive $50 in prizes. To qualify for these draws, you will have to have deposited $100 or more over the last week!

All prizes will be paid to the winners within 3 business days after the promo ends!

So, if you were thinking about where you should play online casino games in the upcoming period, we hope we have solved your doubts. So, log in to your Fairspin account, join the tournament and win the top prize of $500,000! Good luck!

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