Daily and Weekly Rewards System Goes Live

One of our favorite crypto casino has unveiled WinzUP system – an amazing loyalty program that aims to reward players with massive cashback and rakeback deals. The prizes you get include up to 10% daily rakeback, up to 15% weekly cashback, and up to 10% level-up rakeback.

WinzUp rewards are amazing for any loyal players, but with playing on crypto you can get an extra value!

More interesting is that you can grab an extra rakeback starting from 2% up to 9% additionally on the highest levels if you play with cryptocurrencies.

The WinzUP system offers four loyalty tiers, which feature five levels each. As you level up and climb the tiers, your rewards increase. Here are the four WinzUP loyalty tiers:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond

You need to progress from the first to the fifth level of each tier before you can reach another. For example, the first tier has five levels which are Bronze 1, Bronze 2, Bronze 3, Bronze 4, and Bronze 5. You must reach Bronze 5 and complete the level to move to the Silver tier.

The total amount you wager on casino games determines your level. For instance, Bronze 1 requires a total of $1,000 in wagers while Bronze 2 requires a total of $5000. You’ll find more information about the requirements for leveling up on the WinzUp loyalty page.

The higher your level and tier, the higher your rakeback and cashback percentages. users can monitor their level-up progress in their accounts.

How you get your WinzUP Rewards

These are the three rewards you get in the loyalty program:

Daily Rakeback: Depending on your level, you get a rakeback at exactly midnight UTC every day. The daily rakeback is calculated as the total amount you wager x (100% – RTP of the game). You have thirty days to claim and use your daily rakeback rewards.

Weekly Cashback: Your cashback amount is credited to your account once a week, on Monday at midnight UTC. It has to be claimed within 7 days, before the next Monday.

Level Up Rakeback: This is a unique bonus you get after you reach a new level. It is calculated as the total amount you wager x (100% – Game RTP) x level-up percentage.

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The following terms and conditions apply

  • Only casino and live casino games contribute to the Winzup tiers and level progress. Sports bets only count towards the weekly cashback.
  • Daily and level-up rakebacks expire within 30 days. The weekly cashback expires in 7 days.
  • There are no wagering requirements attached to the rewards
  • The rewards are awarded in the same currency as you wagered. For example, if you used BTC for 50% of your wagers and USD for the other 50%, your rewards will arrive as 50% BTC and 50% USD.
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