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Playing at Bitcoin casinos should always be something of fun and entertainment. At no time should your gambling habits become a problem for you or those around you. Once a player stops finding crypto gambling interesting or if they begin to see it as a source of income, it becomes a problem. At, we are dedicated to helping you achieve maximum enjoyment from casino games and preventing gambling problems.

As a result of our commitment, we have come up with this responsible gambling guide. On this page, you will understand what responsible gambling is and why it’s so important. You will also discover how to stay safe at crypto casinos at all times.

What is Responsible Gambling and Why is it Important?

Responsible gambling is a broad concept that involves all the policies and initiatives used in the gambling industry to maintain fairness and integrity and promote safe gambling. This involves all stakeholders in the industry, including the operators, regulators, game providers, and players.

Gambling regulators around the world may have slightly different responsible gambling policies. However, they are all aimed at protecting players from extortion and preventing gambling addiction. Below, we will explain why responsible gambling is so important.

Creating a Safe Gaming Environment

Through responsible gaming initiatives, the industry ensures users can enjoy playing on secure gambling platforms. Gambling operators are required to protect their players’ personal data and financial information from unauthorised access and harmful attacks. For this reason, trustworthy regulators only licence Bitcoin casinos that run on websites with SSL encryption and partner with reputable software providers.

Protecting Vulnerable Players

Gambling can lead to many problems if not done correctly. That’s why reputable organisations seek to protect players who can easily lose control of their gaming habits and those who have been addicted in the past.

Most regulators mandate operators to create platforms with proper systems in place to prevent addiction. Reputable crypto gambling sites provide various safety measures to players, such as self-exclusion and financial limits.

Prevention of Underage Gaming

The legal age for gambling varies in different jurisdictions but is usually 18 or 21. Whatever it is, top crypto casinos and sportsbooks put in measures to prevent players under the legal age from using their services.

This is one of the reasons online betting operators require users to verify their identity. However, the cooperation of parents is still needed to prevent smart minors from bypassing the casino’s measures.

Prevention of Criminal Activities

Many fraudulent people target online gambling sites for their criminal activities. Some could seek to use the platform for money laundering or try to hack the sites and hijack users’ data. Bitcoin gambling sites implement measures such as the KYC procedure and SSL encryption for protection against money laundering and cyber attacks.

Responsible Marketing Techniques

Like every other business, gambling firms also use various marketing strategies to grow their business. However, they must comply with the relevant advertising codes and policies of their regulators. These usually include not targeting underage people or vulnerable gamblers. They also have to avoid exaggerating or lying about their offers.

Responsible Gambling at Crypto Casinos vs. Regular Casinos

Whether you’re playing at Bitcoin casinos or traditional iGaming sites, responsible gambling is the same. There might only be slight differences in how they’re carried out, depending on the regulator or jurisdiction. They all promote gambling awareness to ensure their players’ well-being.

How to Ensure You Play and Bet Safely

As a player, you must take the necessary steps to control your gaming habits. In fact, the major responsibility lies with you. Without your cooperation, betting operators cannot create a safe gambling environment for you. In this section, we’ll discuss some tips to help you bet safely always.

See Gambling As Entertainment and Not a Source of Income

The first and most important step is to approach online betting purely as a source of entertainment. Treat the potential winnings as extra benefits that may be added to your fun. This mindset will set a good foundation for your gambling activities.

Set a Budget

Setting limits on how much you want to bet daily, weekly, or monthly is another crucial stage of safe gambling. You should have a budget before you set out to play at any time.

Ensure you keep track of money spent and never get carried away while playing. You can always play on another day if there’s no luck today.

Take Breaks

No matter how interesting your gaming sessions are, always learn to take breaks. This ensures that betting does not rob you of time you need to do other things. It also helps to recover from the previous session and rest your mind. As a result, you can plan and do better in your next gaming session.

Don’t Try to Win Back Losses

Nobody loves to lose. We understand that feeling when luck doesn’t seem to be on your side. However, you must maintain control even at such times.
Always remind yourself that you are gambling for fun and not to make money. Therefore, never chase losses no matter how you feel. You may be lucky to win on another day. We recommend that you activate the loss limit on your gambling account.

Know When to Stop Even When Winning

One of the mistakes some gamblers make is to continue playing without restriction when they’re on a winning streak. Regardless of whether you’re winning or losing, you should set a time to stop. If you continue playing uncontrollably, it could lead to bad gaming habits that will hurt you later.

Setting limits on your gambling sessions at casinos could help with this. Once the daily session limit expires, the site logs you out and denies you access until the next day.

Avoid Playing Under Substance Influence or When Stressed

Never play games when you’re drunk, in a bad mood, or when you’re stressed. Betting when you’re not in the right state of mind could lead to very silly decisions. Instead, take the time to rest or do other activities that can help you relax and gain your composure.

Use Website Blocking Software

If you ever feel like gambling has become a problem for you or anyone you know, it’s probably time to stop. With the self-exclusion tool at gambling sites, you can lock your account.

However, to revoke access to all betting sites on your device, make use of website-blocking software. This will ensure you do not have access to any betting site whenever you’re tempted to play.

Seek Help

It could be difficult to overcome gambling problems by yourself, so never hesitate to seek help. However, most players never know when they require assistance.

Here are some of the signs that you may need gambling support:

  1. When you feel the need to be secretive or lie about how much you gamble
  2. Borrowing, stealing money, or selling personal items to fund your betting activities
  3. Continuously increasing your betting money to gain the same level of excitement from gambling
  4. Betting to escape life problems or relieve feelings of anxiety or helplessness
  5. Risking important relationships, school work, jobs, or other opportunities because of gambling
  6. Constantly chasing losses
  7. Bad changes in financial stability or accumulation of debt due to gambling
  8. Always gambling more for longer periods than intended
  9. Loss of interest in other activities
  10. Having your mind occupied with gambling all the time, even when you’re not participating in it

Fortunately, many gambling support organisations provide professional help and guidance. Here are some of them:

  • GamCare
  • GamStop
  • GambleAware
  • Gamblers Anonymous

More Responsible Gambling Tips from CoinGambling

To help you stay safe while playing at Bitcoin casinos, here are some more tips from our team:

1. Choose a Reputable Casino
Sadly, there are many fraudulent gambling operators out there who do not care about player well-being. Such platforms encourage irresponsible gaming and problematic behavior. That’s why you must only play at licensed and reputable casinos. Only at trustworthy casinos will you be provided a secure environment and restriction tools.

2. Follow Safety Measures

As previously noted, it will be difficult for casino operators to ensure safe gambling if players do not cooperate. You must follow all the safety measures provided by Bitcoin casinos. Start by making sure you are of legal age before you try to play real money games.

Furthermore, you can keep your gaming habits under control by using the casino tools provided for setting limits. These include the cooling-off period, deposit limit, bet limits, time limits, self-exclusion, and reality check. We recommend that you always play at our featured casinos as they offer these tools and more.

3. Read Game Rules Carefully

Before playing games, try to understand how they work. Fortunately, we have numerous game guides on our platform to help you master them. Understanding games before playing ensures you make the right decision and prevents unnecessary loss of money.

4. Understand Bonus Terms and Conditions

It is important to read and understand the terms and conditions of bonuses and promotions before accepting them. Look out for the validity period, wagering requirements, minimum deposit, etc.

Knowing these factors will help you make adequate gaming plans. It will also help you to decide whether or not the offer suits your budget. We advise that you ignore offers that tempt you to spend more money or time than you plan.


Safe gambling is the only way to ensure maximum entertainment and exciting gaming sessions at Bitcoin casinos. That’s why our team at is committed to helping gamers play responsibly. All the casinos we recommend are those that promote gambling awareness and offer tools for responsible gameplay.

Nevertheless, how great your gambling experience will be is entirely up to you. Always do your research about crypto casinos and games before you play. Also, scrutinise bonus offers before claiming them. As always, we wish you the best of luck in your crypto-gambling adventure!

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