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Get ready for an exhilarating journey through space with Spribe’s Aviator casino game. Launched in 2019, Aviator is one of the most popular crash games in the world today. It is exciting, easy to learn, and highly rewarding.

With high-quality visuals and intriguing animations, Aviator offers players the opportunity to get up to 100x their stake in a game round. Furthermore, it uses provably fair technology, which means you can verify the outcome of each game round.

Let’s be your pilot and take you through this wonderful Aviator casino game created by Spribe.

What is Aviator Game?

Aviator isn’t the typical casino game; it’s a crash game with an aviation theme. This is how it works; a plane takes off at the beginning of the game and your job is to cash out before it flies away.

Like other crash games, Aviator keeps you on your toes as there’s no stipulated flight time. It could take off now and disappear in the next two seconds. There’s a multiplier that keeps increasing as long as the plane remains in the air. The longer it flies, the higher the multiplier, and the bigger the prize you get.

However, if the plane disappears before you cash out, you lose your bet and the prize. What makes Aviator so cool is you never know how long the flight will last. You have to trust your intuition to know when to use the cashout button.

These are some key parameters of Aviator:

  • Developer: Spribe
  • Launched: February 2019
  • RTP: 97%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Maximum bet: $100
  • Maximum payout: $10,000

How to Play Aviator Game Online For Real Money

Like many other casino games, it’s very easy to play crash games online. First, you’ve got to choose where to play the Aviator game. Fortunately for you, we have made a list of the best Aviator sites on this page, so feel free to pick one.

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Aviator is not a slot or table game, so the gameplay process and interface may look quite different from what you may be used to. We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to playing the game for real money below:

Launch Aviator from the Casino Lobby

After signing up and depositing at a suitable casino, go to the lobby to find Aviator. Tap on play for real money to launch it.

Set Your Bets in the Aviator Game

Players are given a four-second window between a round and the next one to bet. To avoid the rush, you can wait and place your bets while a round is going on to join in the next round. There’s a timer at the end of each round that shows you how many seconds you have left to bet.

Aviator allows you to place up to two bets in a round. The bet buttons are located at the bottom of the game screen. The minimum bet amount is $0.1 while the maximum is $100.

After adjusting the bet amount, you have to tap the green “BET” button to join the game. You can choose to place only one bet. There’s also an autoplay feature, which we have explained in detail further down this guide.

Cash Out

The plane takes off once the game round begins. The multiplier grows in real-time as the plane continues in the air. You can choose to tap the “CASHOUT” button at any time before the plane disappears.

Your payout is the multiplier at your cashout time times your stake. For example, if your bet is $1 and you cash out at a 1.54x multiplier, you earn $1.54. That’s a profit of $0.54.

Aviator Game RTP

The game has an RTP of 97%, which is quite great. This means you can expect to get back around $970 from every $1,000 you wager over a period. The high RTP also makes it a great game to play with casino bonuses.

In terms of volatility, Aviator falls into the medium category. You can expect to earn some decent payouts from time to time as you play.

Spribe Aviator Features

There are so many features included in this crash game that give you an advantage and make the experience more fun. We have described the most important features below


The autoplay feature in Aviator is similar to what you have in modern slot games. It allows you to set multiple rounds with a specific stake. It also allows you to determine when to stop the automatic plays.

To activate the autoplay feature, simply switch to the “Auto” section of the bet panel. You’ll find a blue “AUTO PLAY” button at the bottom of the panel.

The autoplay feature gives you the following options

  • Number of rounds: Choose between 10, 20, 50, or 100 rounds
  • Stop if cash decreases: The autoplay can stop by itself if your remaining balance hits the amount you set
  • Stop if cash increases: If you win, the prizes are added to your balance. When it gets to the amount you set with this option, the autoplay stops
  • Stop if a single win exceeds: With this option, you can stop the autoplay if you win a huge amount of money.

Auto Cash Out

Instead of tapping the “CASHOUT” button each time, you can fix a time for each round to cash out. This option can be activated from the “auto” section of the bet panel. Simply toggle the auto cash-out button at the bottom and set the multiplier at which you wish to cash out.


The game comes with various statistics that can help you decide your next bet. It allows you to check your bet history, other players’ bets and wins.

You can also see the round history on top. This shows you the multipliers at which the last 36 rounds ended.

In-Game Chat

Aviator features an in-game chat that allows you to socialize with other players, share tips, and celebrate big wins together. When you play on a PC, you’ll find the chat window on the right-hand side of the screen. For mobile users, the chat box is located at the bottom of the screen.

Aviator Casino Game Hack and Prediction

It’s possible to find various sites and apps that offer to help you predict or hack Aviator. These platforms claim that they use mathematical algorithms to calculate the right time to bet on Aviator and cash out.

We recommend that you avoid such platforms as there’s no way to predict or hack Aviator. The game was built with RNG, which ensures the plane flies away randomly. No casino or system can help you cheat when you play Spribe Aviator game.

It is also provably fair and that means it uses cryptographic algorithms. This means the outcome of each game round is verifiable by players.

Best Aviator Game Strategies

Since there’s no way to hack the game, it’s best to apply strategies to enhance your chances of winning. The game has a 97% RTP and medium variance, so you can expect some good payouts if you find the right systems to use.

Here are a few tips from experts:

Use the Double Bets

The two betting panels give you a big advantage to play safe and still win. The trick is to bet small on one side and bet a bigger amount on the other. Cash out on the big bet once at a multiplier of 1.50x or lower and leave the other bet to grow some more for an opportunity to get more wins.

For example, let's say you bet $5 on one and $1 on the other. If you cash out the $5 bet at a 1.50x multiplier, you are paid $7.5. The $7.5 payout covers the big bet amount and the smaller one with an extra gain of $1.5.

You might be able to cash out the $1 bet before the plane flies off and get extra profit. However, if the plane flies off before you can cash out, you still do not lose any money.

Nevertheless, you should know that there’s no guarantee that the plane will get to a 1.50x multiplier before it disappears. It could fly away before 1.50x or your set multiplier. Despite that, this strategy has proven to work many times, so it gives you a high chance of winning more.

Use the Auto Cashout Feature

The plane could disappear at any time when you’re still trying to click the cashout button, leaving you with losses. With the auto cashout feature, this does not have to happen. You can set specific multipliers for each bet to cash out automatically.

It’s wise to play it safe and set your auto cashout multipliers around 1.10x to 1.50x. While the payouts may not be big, you can still get some decent wins.

Play Aviator Demo Casino Game

A great way to increase your chances is by familiarizing yourself with the game before playing for real money. The demo version allows you to try out the betting strategies and see how the game works in real-time.

Where Can I Play Aviator Game for Free?

There are so many platforms online that offer the Aviator demo. You can start by playing for free here or at any of our recommended casino sites. Simply click the “fun play” or “demo” button to launch the free version.

Play Aviator on Mobile Devices

Whether you want to play on your Android or iOS device, Spribe Aviator works on all. You simply have to launch the game on a good mobile browser like Chrome or Safari. Although the game interface is smaller on mobile, it has all the same features that the PC version has.

Some casinos also offer downloadable apps with the Aviator game. You can play on such platforms if you prefer to play on mobile apps.

Final Thoughts on Aviator

Since its launch in 2019, Aviator has consistently held its place as a player favorite. It stands as one of the most popular crash games played in online casinos worldwide.

The game is easy to grasp and the gameplay is straightforward. Whether you’re a new player or an experienced one, you won’t have difficulties learning or playing it.

It also has a good RTP which makes it attractive to players looking for decent returns on their wagers. The in-game chat feature is another big advantage. You can have fun with other players, share your strategies, and ask questions while enjoying the game.

Furthermore, the game is safe and provably fair. If you ever doubt the outcome of any round, you can simply check the process yourself. The game is also easy to find as many online casinos partner with Spribe.

We encourage you to pick an Aviator site on our list and start enjoying the game right away. Don’t forget to utilize the strategies we’ve explained to enhance your chances of winning. May the plane soar high enough to bring you wealth. Happy gaming!

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  • Provider: Spribe
  • RTP: 97%
  • Launch date: 15/02/2019
  • Game type: Crash
  • Bet size: €0.10 - €100
  • Possible win:
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