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Do you hear that sound? Turn the music off for a minute: maybe you will hear how ICO boom is slowly leaving its marks on our day-to-day life.

“Veterans” like BTC, ETH, and DOGE adapted to the cryptocurrency gambling industry a long time ago. Some of them even happened to face complicated issues ― take the current miners’ fee of Bitcoin as an example. For sure, these coins still represent very cool solutions for gambling lovers, but it becomes more and more clear that the market needs fresh blood.

And if there is a demand, supply shows up soon enough. In this case, it is a former ICO project.

Crypto online casinos that accept Stratis payments

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The reasons why you should begin gambling with Strat

If we call Dash “a young cryptocurrency”, it is not so clear how to call STRAT (Stratis platform tokens) then. This “child” was born in 2016, but at the beginning of summer 2017, its market cap passed through one billion dollars.

This new cryptocoin has been distributed by means of an ICO (initial coin offering). Yes, it is that very fundraising model that almost every world’s large financial media has droned on about in the course of this year.

Billions-worth turnover and partnership with Microsoft Azure do not come from thin air. It makes the Stratis case even more interesting as this platform was created last year. What is so special about it that could attract the attention of the computer technology giant?

Most likely, the thing is in the combination of the Bitcoin consensus with innovations in the sphere of blockchain technology, as well as the experienced development team. By the way, their advisory board includes Mahesh Chand, who has managed to get the Microsoft “most valuable professional” award 12 times.

Here are several important features of the Stratis platform:
- Breeze Wallet. This innovative wallet is designed to increase transaction data privacy to a considerable extent. It facilitates the easy way of handling the cryptocurrency and, according to the plan, should enable the exchange between BTC and STRAT “in one click”.
- Proof-of-Stake. Users are able to get some reward for keeping STRAT in the official wallets. Aside from the incentive element, it also prevents inflation.
- Extensibility. In the Stratis network, this issue has been solved with help of sidechains. With that being done, this platform will hardly see the same increase in miners’ fee as BTC does at the moment.

Because of the ability to host decentralized apps, many people call Stratis a “new Ethereum”. Since it is not a zero-sum game, we see no harm in it.


As the Stratis platform has just picked up steam, there are only two online gambling houses accepting this cryptocoin to date. Their names are big though: they are and

Don’t be daunted by the little choice. The dynamics of Stratis platform’s development hints that there will be more and more people from crypto-community reckoning with this crypto-asset with time. It means that new announcements about online casinos supporting STRAT gambling are not too far off.

- attracts people with its simplicity and powerful performance. You will not see hundreds of video slot machines there; instead, each casino game has one option. You can check each game’s outcome as Provably Fair is integrated on this website. Thanks to good attendance, the chat is quite active and vivacious.

Here is a list of games where you can gamble for Stratis on this resource:
Dice , Slots , Blackjack , Video poker , Plinko

This crypto casino has a few interesting features. The first is the presence of RainBot. Its “rain” consists of small amounts of cryptocurrency that are distributed once in a random time frame (from 10 to 60 minutes). It works only if there are enough participants in the chat since the previous distribution. The second feature is that players can invest in cryptocurrency bankrolls of this casino ― you can read more details in the FAQ section.

- offers gamblers to try their luck in “balls”, dice, roulette, “cells”, or “hacker”. This casino also uses the Provably Fair algorithm that makes it possible to check the outcomes’ fairness. The resource host contests “who will wager more money within a certain time frame” with 0.1 BTC prize money on a regular basis.

This crypto casino has its own LUCKY tokens, which can be received once per minute. If you visit the website every day, the amount will grow on a daily basis. There is a special shop to spend LUCKY tokens; gambling lovers can buy there a VIP status for several hours or days, Apple Watch, iPad Pro, Sony Playstation 4, iPhone X, MacBook Air/Pro.


We managed to find only one stratis-faucet: It promises to give you free STRAT for completing surveys, downloading and playing games, inviting friends, and watching videos.


First of all, you would need to get an account where you can hold your STRAT. It can be:
- Stratis wallet (Staking Wallet, Stratis Electrum, Ledger, or other)
- An account on the exchange that trades this cryptocurrency (Poloniex, Bittrex, Changelly)

You would need to purchase STRAT, using other cryptocoins or fiat money. After that, you can send the Stratis currency to a corresponding address of a chosen casino.

Good luck with the new crypto!