2048 and cryptocurrencies: they were supposed to meet

The spring of 2014 brought a virus to humankind, mysteriously called «2048». According to witnesses, the program made people forget about studies and work, disturbing their equilibrium from time to time. All of that was the doing of one 19 years old Italian who had thought it would be great to have some quality weekend. He had created the ideal killer… of time.

Thankfully, people learned how to resist that desire to spend precious hours of their lives on the unpretentious, yet incredibly captivating game. The pursuit of the cherished «2048» tile ceased to be thought of as the most important thing in the world. Still, the balance was truly redressed with an emergence of the first website that allowed playing 2048 with cryptocurrency incentives. The time being spent in the game started to bring profit. Every bit counted, you know.

Do you know an algorithm of the successful game yet? If yes, it can bring you some bitcoins.

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The success of Bitcoin 2048

The creator of the first website had some advanced sixth sense, let’s give him that. He started to get an incredible traffic after adding small payments in cryptocurrency to the popular game. The outcome was similar to a Bitcoin faucet, but a very absorbing one.

As simple as ABC, the registration process brought some good reviews for the Bitcoin 2048 website. The only things it needed were password and user’s address (to receive bitcoins). Oh, yes, you would need to solve a CAPTCHA, too.

The latter provides us with a kind of answer to the question about a bot for Bitcoin 2048. Could such program enter CAPTCHA instead of a real human? It is highly doubtful.

On the other hand, you can occasionally play 2048 getting bitcoins on your own. Basically, you get the same fun from the game, but this version of 2048 brings you satoshi as well.

Here is the list of bonuses for matched tiles on the website bitcoin2048.com:
128 ― 0.00000016 BTC
256 ― 0.00000032 BTC
512 ― 0.00000064 BTC
1024 ― 0.00000128 BTC
2048 ― 0.00000256 BTC
4096 ― 0.00000512 BTC
8192 ― 0.00001024 BTC
16384 ― 0.00016384 BTC

Each satoshi amount you win goes directly to the Bitcoin address you have indicated. As a result, you can forget about thinking about how to withdraw money from Bitcoin 2048.

What about altcoins?

It seems that Bitcoin still remains the only cryptocurrency you can get by playing 2048; we have not found any traces of the existence of Ethereum, Litecoin, or Dogecoin versions of the game. It is possible that they will emerge with time because altcoin’s recent performance is impressive as anything.

However, it does not mean that 2048 has nothing to do with other cryptocurrencies!

First, the reserves of Google Play contain such app as 2048 Crypto Edition. The rules are the same, but tiles carry logotypes of altcoins: Primecoin, Vertcoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, Namecoin, Feathercoin, Blackcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. It looks just great.

Second, the Dogecoin community is purely fascinated by the game called Doge 2048. In this version, there are pictures of that very Shiba Inu with colorful backgrounds on tiles instead of numbers.

These games will not bring you any profit, but you should like them if you are a fan of everything related to cryptocurrencies.

Most importantly, you would need to look at your watch from time to time. The efforts to create 2048 tile (or Bitcoin logo if it is 2048 Crypto Edition) eat up your time like that. So, play responsibly and have lots of fun!

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