Fantastic Rakeback Promo at Bitsler Casino

This campaign has ended

Bitsler, one of the best platforms for Bitcoin gambling and Esports betting has announced an amazing offer that you shouldn’t miss! Starting from Friday, April the 29th 12:00 UTC until Monday, May 5th 12:00 UTC, you will be able to enjoy the highest possible Rakeback!

This offer is not only for the newly registered players. In fact, even the existing players will enjoy the highest VIP level Rakeback!

Which games are eligible for the 30% Rakeback?

To get the highest possible Rakeback during the promo period, you can play any of the following games: Twist, Keno, Flash Roulette, Blackjack, Plinko, Fruitsler Slots, Blast, Roulette, Crypto Thugs, Boom, Cara Y Cruz, Multicolor, HiLo, Video Poker, and Dice! All of these games are Bitsler games (house games) and they are all provably fair games!

How does the Rakeback work?

Let’s say that you made a $300 bet on the game Boom (a game with a 2% house edge) during this promo.

The Rakeback is calculated by the following formula:
$300 * 0.02 (house edge) * 0.30 (Rakeback percentage) = $1.8 Rakeback

This means that no matter if your bets are winning or losing, you will be generating Rakeback either way!

There are other games that are available for this promo. In order to be sure if a game is available for the 30% Rakeback, just open the game, click on the arrow and look for the Rakeback part. If it says: “Yes, earn Rakeback as you play!”, it means that the game is eligible!

Bitsler is a crypto gambling platform that was established back in 2015 where you can play many traditional casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, etc. In addition, you will find plenty of Provably Fair games such as Blast and Dice.

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